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The Role of Bali Sea Fishing Community

Visa4Bali – Bali Sea Fishing. Bali is not only about vacations to the mountains, cultural tourism or doing water sports on tourists’ favorite beaches. Some tourists who like Balinese culinary or seafood (because there are many beaches in Bali, seafood is the target of seafood lovers) looking for references about good places to eat on Bali. The role of fishermen is very important in terms of culinary seafood, why is that? To be able to have delicious seafood, usually the owner of a seafood stall or restaurant will look for fresh ingredients directly from the fishermen.

The catch of the fishermen will be directly sold to food stalls and restaurants that provide seafood in Bali. The Kedonganan area is one of the areas in Bali that has a bali sea fishing community. In the southern Bali area, precisely in the village of Kedonganan, there is a culinary tour that is very popular and is the target of tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

This is very good for the area because having an attraction as a culinary tourism place can help to improve the economy of the local community, improve people’s welfare, overcome unemployment problems, preserve nature and the environment. That is why most of the people who live in this Kedongan village work as fishermen and this area is well known to tourists as a fishing village.

bali sea fishingWhat is the role of the Bali Sea Fishing Community?

There is an association of fishing communities in Bali called the Putra Bali Fisherman Group. The role of this group is as a group that holds an active aspect in terms of capturing and cultivating marine fish, and on the other hand also acts as a tourism developer in Kedongan village. What are the active aspects in question? There are several aspects that become a reference in developing tourism in the Kedongan village.

Economic Aspect

With many people who work as fishermen, more and more people realize how important it is to utilize and preserve the natural resources owned by the village. This will support the economy of the fishing community in the field of fisheries and tourism. In addition to preserving the marine environment, the catches of these fishermen can also be used for culinary tourism. Not only that, even tourists who want to learn or try to be fishermen, such as knitting nets or just looking at the sea can also be done in this village.

Environmental Aspect

The fishing groups in Kedongan village were asked to learn how to keep their marine areas clean, even for the beach and at sea, and regulate waste disposal. In the coastal area there is no place provided for the disposal of plastic waste. So the fishermen and also the beach cleaners are trying to keep the beach looking clean from scattered garbage where most of the trash is plastic waste.

Political Aspect

The tourism area in the Kedongan area is managed by the local community and all policies and management are based on the results of village deliberations. This will then regulate, determine, and also increase the participation of local residents.

So far, the tourism area in Kedongan Village has a good economic impact for the surrounding community. This is evidenced by the development of this tourist area where local people take advantage of the wealth of the sea to survive and support the economy. The number of tourists both from local and foreign countries come to this tourist area which shows the success of the local community in managing and developing the Kedongan area. Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful sea views that refresh the eyes, tourists can also enjoy delicious seafood dishes at stalls or restaurants in this area. Even if there are tourists who want to experience being a fisherman, they can also try it here.

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