Best Culinary Good Restaurants In Bedugul and Tanjung Benoa

Bali Visa Info – If you have a chance to make a trip to Bali island, or you are planning to visit this beautiful island, it is better to look for references about what is the best culinary in this amazing island. Having good time during your holiday will not just about visiting natural tourism, or maybe learning Balinese cultures and the arts, but enjoying the foods especially Balinese foods are a good idea to try. This is the best culinary with view in Bali.

Bali island has so many tourist destinations, but among them, there are Bali Restaurants in Bedugul and Tanjong Benoa which are popular among the tourists for both local and foreigners. These areas offers delicious foods and you can enjoy them during your trip. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

Culinary Tourism On Bedugul


Bedugul is a famous tourists destination. Many people from locals or foreigners came to this place for having vacations. The main attraction of this place is a beautiful temple located in the middle of lake that called Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul. You may feeling the fresh and cool atmosphere surrounding this place. On this place, there is recommended restaurant you may try that offers Indonesian culinary named with Mentari Restaurant Bedugul. This restaurant has never less visitors, and having affordable prices. Many menu served with several prices depends on the visitors taste and budget. The best part of this place is that you can enjoy your delicious foods and drinks perfected with the beautiful scenery surrounds you. Imagine cool and fresh atmosphere around the lake will be enhancing your mood during your eating time. But if you are planning to visit this great restaurant, you need to do booking first before your arrival here. Due to so many people want to visit here and they’d like to enjoy the lake views too. The mentari restaurant bedugul provides buffet, and visitors can choose and take the foods they desire. Lots of menu such as vegetables soup, mixed vegetables with peanut sauce or Indonesian people are usually call them gado-gado, and fried rice, french fries, chicken soup and other Indonesian foods. You can also found sate on this restaurant. The operating hours from this place is starts from 11 am to 4 pm.

Culinary Tourism On Tanjung Benoa


The next popular tourist destinations in Bali island is Tanjung Benoa. If people usually know this place because of the Banana boat on the beach or other popular sea activities there, you may need to know that Tanjung Benoa has great restaurant for tourists. Just same as the Bedugul restaurant in Tanjung Benoa there is great restaurant that pretty famous among the domestic and foreign tourists named with Luna Bonita restaurant. This restaurant offers several menu and always using fresh vegetables and ingredients. They are dividing some categories on their menu such as appetizer menu, soup menu, Indonesian menu, traditional and Balinese menu, fushion main course, and also dessert. All of those menu are serving in several prices and you can adjust them with your own budget. In this restaurant, some people who call themselves vegetarians also usually eat here because this restaurant provides other healthy menus but still tasty. And as many people know that Balinese people are very welcome and friendly, you can feel their hospitality too during your eating time on this great restaurant. On this restaurant, you can choose the position where you will have eat, whether inside room or open space at outside. Each of the places has different designs and ornaments. But we will suggest to stay at outside if you prefer to have romantic and coming here at night, because you can see beautiful decorative plants coupled with beautiful lights. The operating hours for this restaurant is starts from 8 am to 11 pm.

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