Tourism Activities on Komodo Island

Visa4Bali – Komodo Island. Discussing about the islands around Bali, then it’s not complete if you don’t discuss what is on Komodo Island. This island is so famous all over the world, lots of foreign tourists who come from various countries come to this island to see the beauty that this unique island has to offer. The most interesting thing you can do here is see and observe Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. This place is called the home of ancient lizards, the natural scenery in this area is very dear to miss. Don’t worry if you’re afraid you don’t know what you’re going to do here, there are guides who can help you explore places on this island.

Actually not only seeing the original habitat of giant ancient animals, but you can also see sea turtles in large numbers, and also the beauty of colorful coral reefs. You can also do activities such as diving and snorkeling on this island. This island is one of the National Parks that aims to protect the Komodo dragon and other flora around it from extinction.

Here are various kinds of tourist activities that you can do while you are on Komodo Island

Tourism Activities on Komodo Island

Nature Tourism and Seeing Komodo Dragons Live

As the name implies, this place is the original habitat of Komodo dragons. So here you will be able to see the physical Komodo dragon directly. If you want to interact with these ancient animals, you need to be accompanied by a ranger. They will help you to get closer look at this animal safely. If you are lucky, you can see the male dragons fighting for the female dragons.

Boat Tours to Komodo Island

From Labuan Bajo, there are various speed boats that you can use to get to Komodo Island. Prices and types are also quite varied. You will need about 3 hours to have a tour by speed boat, from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island.

Seeing the Beauty of the Beach View

The beaches around this island have clear blue sea water and are still very clean. So you can imagine how beautiful the beach scene is here.

komodo island

Island Hopping

Here you can do island hopping. Starting with Labuan Bajo, you can have a tour around from one island to another by using a speed boat. There are komodo islands, rinca islands, pandar islands, and kalong islands with their charms. People who do island hopping will usually make pink beach as their last destination.

Explore the Beauty of Pink Beach

There is one unique beach on the island of Komodo, which is a pink beach. This beach is very unique because it has pink sand. There have been lots of local and foreign tourists who have proven the beauty and uniqueness of this beach.

Diving and Snorkeling on Komodo Island

60% of Komodo Island is water, so you can imagine that there are so many underwater flora and fauna that live there. To be able to enjoy this beauty, you can try diving or snorkeling. This place is also one of the most amazing diving paradises.

Enjoying the Sunset

The mandatory thing to do when traveling to the beach is to enjoy the sunset. Moreover, the island of Komodo has a very stunning natural scenery, tourists will automatically be waiting and lined up to be able to enjoy the beauty of the sunset on this island.

Now, the places above can be visited. Because the State of Indonesia has opened its doors again for foreign nationals. And if you need help with all your visa needs, please contact us immediately. We will be ready to help you to get back to this beautiful island.!

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