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Mountain For Doing Hiking In Bali

baliVisa4Bali – Bali island is famous around the world because of its beauty. They beauty of this island such beaches, amazing sunset view or popular water sport made many tourists wants to try them. Besides those parts, Bali island is also having beautiful mountain that can be a place for you as hiking in Bali. This paradise island is having many treasures of nature that can be enjoyed by all people around the world. Hiking in Bali is something that made people who love adventure and nature activity wants to come to this island.

Mountain in Bali For Hiking

Here if you want to know more information about what mountain is having good place for hiking in this beautiful island

Batukaru Mountain

Batukaru mountain height is 2276 meters above the sea. This mountain is suitable for beginners. The trails of the hiking are steep to watch out and need to be careful and keep your body balance. You will find special flora at this mountain called Cemara Pandak. This mountain was located in Tabanan and became second highest mountain in Bali island with green scenery view, cool blue sky that will pay your tired feeling all this time.

Mangu Peak

This peak is located in Petang area, Badung. The mountain that located in the middle of Balinese mountain is having spectacular view because you will get double beauty due to the locations. At the top of the mountain, you will find temple or local people call it Pura was built there that perfecting the view surrounding with cool and fresh atmosphere.

Abang Mountain

This is one of favorite mountain even for local and foreign tourists. This mountain is located in Bangli area, and having 2252 meters height above the sea. The abang mountain was created because of the massive eruption of mount batur. Can you imagine how terrifying is it? But now this place was change as beautiful place for doing hiking in Bali island.

Batur Mountain

Batur mountain is located in Kintamani, Bangli and belongs to active volcano. Many people made this place became destination as hiking place with 1717 meters height above the sea. You will find Batur lake as well which is belongs to the widest lake in Balinese island. Best time to do hiking in this mountain is when sunrise. You can see beautiful sun rising in front of you!

Agung Mountain

Agung mountain is an active volcano and highest mountain in Balinese island. This mountain having 3031 meters height above the sea. Agung mountain is loctaed in Karangasem and having big crater and releasing vapor of water.

Pohang Mountain

Pohang mountain is located in southwest of Bedugul. This mountain is having 2069 meters height above the sea and the hiking trails are straight so that this mountain is really nice for the beginners to begin their hiking experience.

Sanghyang Mountain

Sanghyang mountain is located in Tabanan and was placed between Adeng peak and Batukaru. It has slopes with valleys dense with trees, with an elevation of 2087 above sea level. The trails there was the relic of the old kingdom in Indonesia!



Not only as a hobby, hiking is having a lot of advantages for body and mind such as below

  • Making our blood pressure and blood sugar levels lowers
  • Increases our bone density, because walking is a weight-bearing sport
  • Improve our balance. Climbing on uneven surfaces, such as trails, can train our muscles in the legs, hips, stomach and back to keep balanced.
  • Improving our mood.
  • Connect us with nature.
  • Make our mind more focus.


Hiking is one of sport you can do in Balinese island that having good advantages for your body and mind. It is also make you feel satisfy during your trip because you can enjoy the beauty of nature from the mountain.

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