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Visa4Bali Info – Spending holiday in Bali island is one of dreamed thing of many people. A lot of Bali tour ideas on internet you can found as your references before you touch down this island. Most of famous activities in Bali island are about having fun with water activities or beach activities, and also enjoying natural tourism that Bali’s provided for you. You need to search some references before you and your family arriving to this beautiful island. People with family are usually loves doing exciting rides to complete their vacation. Playing in the water spot that provided by people or even nature can be found in this island. Here, we have collected information about exciting and popular water spots on Bali island as below

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  • Water sport on Tanjung Benoa, Bali

    The most complete and popular tourism object for doing water sport in Balinese island was in Tanjung Benoa, in the south side of Kuta. Tanjung Benoa is having beautiful white sands beach, calm sea water, barely choppy. This tourism object is full of visitors because its offering a lot of water recreations provided in Tanjung Benoa such are diving, snorkeling, sea walker, flying fish, jet sky, banana boat, glass bottom boat, turtle island, donut boat and a game that is quite new and challenging the fly board. Those are available to play from children to adult ages.

  • Waterbom Park Kuta

    This is became the biggest waterbom in Balinese island at this time. This area having complete rides, and the location is also strategic placed in the center of Kuta tourism. Although the ticket for entering this place was not cheap, people are loving to come again and again to this object because this object is surrounded by many hotels and closed to the airport.

  • Odyssey Sumbarine Bali

    This Water recreation area can’t be found in another place of Indonesia. This place is special in Bali by having sightseeing trip with 45-minutes submarine ride on the water. The odyssey submarine can accommodates about 36 passengers. Do not worry during your ride on the water using this, because this ship designed in safe and comfortable for the passengers made using battery so that environmentally friendly.

  • Rafting on Bali

    This activity is usually done by people who loves to increase their adrenaline or loving natural adventure. The rivers that can be used for doing rafting such are Ayung Ubud river, Telaga Waja river, and Melangit river. Those was popular rivers on Bali for rafting.

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  • Bali Wake Park

    This place offering challenging water spot by combine skateboarding with surfing done on an artificial lake, equipped with some obstacles. This water sport is a bit different compare to the wake board on Tanjung Benoa. The rope that pulls the players is not connected to speedboat but that rope connected to poles and the speed regulated by engine.

  • Bali River Tubing

    Having Bali river tubing is suitable for adult and children, and one of the most popular place was Yeh Penet river. You will enjoy beautiful scenery provided by nature enhanced with amazing waterfall. It will need about 2 hours to finish this river tubing.

  • Dolphin’s Show on Lovina

    If you have trip on the north side of Bali, you must stop at Lovina beach. This beach offering dolphin attractions and water recreation such doing snorkeling. This beach is also having beautiful sunrise moment.

  • Swimming with Sharks on Serangan

    Take a swim with shark will be new interesting activity for you. You can try this new activity on Serangan island, city of Denpasar. White fin shark was placed because this shark is safe and not dangerous for human. This area is a new object in Bali island and was managed by Bali Shark Island.

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