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The Beauty of Balinese Dancer

balinese dancer

Balinese dancer – Bali is not only popular with the beach, lake, mountain nature and also sea activities. Bali island is also famous with its arts and culture. There are so many interesting Bali’s culture to be known and enjoy when you have time visiting Bali. One of the amazing culture is Balinese dancer. Many of beautiful woman and man are joined for traditional Bali’s culture to become professional Balinese dancer.

The traditional dance in Bali becoming one of the most mandatory thing when you have time visiting Bali. But before you will enjoy this beautiful traditional dance, you need to know kind of Bali dance. Here are we have collected the information of Bali dance for you

– Kecak Dance

Kecak Dance is the most popular Traditional Bali Dancer. This dance created by Wayan Limbak and Walter Spies an artist from Germany on 1930. The Balinese dancer for this traditional dance is man with total dozen of people. The dancer will sit in a circle and continuously saying ‘cak-cak-cak’ with positions of hands are up in the same time. If you interest to see this show, you can visit Bali to enjoy this.

– Puspanjali Dance

This dance is kind of welcoming dance. Puspanjali means respect and flower, which is also have meaning that this is dance that showing respect to the visitors or the guest as good as flowers. The Balinese dancer for this dance is done by women around 5 to 7 people.

– Trunajaya Dance

This dance is telling a man who wants to attract woman. The dancer will always widen his eyes with his firm dance moves. This is describing a man’s masculinity.

– Barong Dance

Barong dance telling a feud between policy against crime. The participants of this dance are about 2 men, one man playing for the head part and one man playing on a tail part.

balinese dancer

– Pendet Dance

Pendet dance is usually done by Hinduism religion in the temple. This dance having purpose as celebrating the welcoming arrival of the God from the sky. This is usually played by several female dancers who wearing traditional Balinese clothes.

– Legong Dance

The next traditional Balinese dance is legong dance. This kind of dance is full with gamelan. Gamelan is traditional music from Bali. It is played by 3 people. the dancers will wear fan accessories complete with flower decorations on the head.

– Baris dance

Baris in Bali means line. Based on this name this dance is shaped with dancers in lines. In the past, this dance usually performed as sacred or ritual dance to god. But at this time, it is already shown for the tourist as a public show for entertaining. This dance telling a knight who fighting to protect his king. The dancers will move his body looks like a knight in the middle of war.

– Margapati Dance

The dance of Margapati has meaning way to the death. This dance describe the mistakes of woman’s life journey. The dancer will present male’s dance move even though the gender of the dancer is female, and act like she’s ready to stalk and pounce on their prey.

– Panji Semirang Dance

Panji Semirang dance is traditional dance which is telling a princess losing her husband, and trying to entertain her self by doing wander. The characteristic from this dance is the female dancer will be disguised as a male with wide eyes and smiling. It is almost same with Margapati dance that female dancer pretending to be male dancer.

Above kind of traditional dance was performed by professional Balinese dancer. If you want to see and enjoy the show, you might come to Bali for your plan trip in the future. If you’d like to visit Bali, contact us for arranging your arrival to Bali 🙂

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