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Romantic Places To Complete Your Honeymoon Tour in Bali

honeymoon tour in baliVisa Bali Info – Honeymoon Tour in Bali. Celebrating honeymoon with partner is very synonymous with island of Bali. This beautiful island is very famous for its romantic atmosphere that is enhanced by the beautiful natural scenery. Lots of couples from all over the world come to this island to celebrate their honeymoon or anniversary. So, if this is the first time you want to visit this island, then it’s a good idea to look for references about romantic places in Bali that you can use as a Bali honeymoon tourist destination. If you come without preparation, you may need to provide big budget.And here we have summarized about romantic and interesting places in Bali and don’t need big budget to be able to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Bali island

Kintamani Floating Restaurant

In the Kintamani tourist area, there is a unique restaurant that you can visit with your partner. This Kintamani Floating Restaurant is restaurant that floats above the lake, and around it you can enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Batur. The price of food and drinks in this place is very affordable. If you usually enjoy a romantic dinner with a beautiful view with your partner, you will spend lots of money, then that doesn’t apply in this place. Your dinner with your partner will be vey nice and enjoying the beautiful view of Mount Batur with affordable price too. Complete package, isn’t it?

Ubud Campuhan Hill

Many couples come to this place to enjoy cool natural scenery. Some of them try to go around this area with their partners using bicycles. There is no entrance fee to be able to enjoy the green natural atmosphere and beautiful terraces. But for bicycles, usually you will be charged a bicycle rental fee. In this place there are also couples who take pre-wedding photos. Having a background of green rice fields and posing intimately with your partner would be a very beautiful thing to capture, right?

Park of Ujung Karangasem

In the East Bali area, there is one place that is quite famous because many couples have captured the pre-wedding moment here. Yep, the name is Ujung Park in Karangasem. The scenery around this place is very beautiful, and also for those of you who don’t like crowds, this place is perfect. You can sit back and relax in the gazebo provided by this park without worrying about being disturbed by other visitors. Many photographers from Bali and outside Bali have chosen this place as a romantic photo spot.

honeymoon tour in bali

Gunung Payung Beach

In the southern Bali area, precisely in Kutuh Village, there is a beach that is very quiet and has few visitors. Because the location of this beach is quite difficult to reach, this beach is still very quiet by tourists. You can enjoy the beauty of payung beach with your partner like having a private beach. But keep in mind, because the location is difficult to reach, you need to bring food and drinks because in this place no traders can be found just like other beaches.

Jimbaran Beach

Many couples have chosen this place as their honeymoon tour in Bali. This place usually identically with expensive things. But there is a way to get the best things for your honeymoon and keep saving your budget. Please come before sunset. You will find many sellers of roasted corn and young coconut ice there. You and your partner will definitely have an unforgettable moment here.

Since Bali has opened its doors to foreign nationals, it’s time for you and your partner to visit this beautiful island. If you have any questions regarding visas and other requirements, please contact us!

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