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Attractive Things On Nusa Penida that You can do

Visa4bali – Attractive Things On Nusa Penida. Still with the several islands around Bali which are very amazing and not far from Bali, Nusa Penida. This place is one of the tourist destinations that has many beautiful places to visit. Nusa Penida has beautiful beaches, interesting local culture, forests that are still very fertile, and there are still other natural attractions that this island offers to its visitors.

Then what activities you can do in Nusa Penida? Here we have summarized interesting activities that you can do there with friends, family or your partner.

Attractive Things On Nusa Penida that You can do

Enjoy the view of Kelingking Beach View Point

One of the very popular icons of Nusa Penida is Kelingking Beach View Point! You can see a view of a super large rock that looks like a dinosaur! You can take pictures up here while enjoying the view. Amazing, isn’t it?

Swim at Angel’s Billabong

Do you want to swim like swimming in a private pool from nature? Then Angel’s Billabong is the answer! Yes, this place is very popular in Nusa Penida because it has very clear water and amazing views around it. But be careful before deciding to swim here because it is not recommended to swim when the waves are high.

Attractive Things On Nusa PenidaPhotos at Hits Broken Beach

Photography and traveling are one complete package, so it won’t be perfect if your vacation doesn’t have interesting and beautiful photos. You can take pictures at Broken Beach, which is a beach that features a hole in the rock that is right in the middle of the sea. The location of Broken Beach is not far from Angel’s Billabong, so in one go you can visit two locations at once!

Snorkeling in Toyapakeh

If you take the time to visit Toyapakeh, then one of the things you must try is snorkeling! The underwater scenery here is very beautiful, you can even see the temple there!

Soaking in Tembeling Springs

If you want to feel the freshness of soaking in the springs, then this place is a must-visit! Located in the middle of the forest surrounded by a very cool atmosphere, this spring has a freshness that does not need to be doubted. Visitors will be fascinated by the beauty of the corals that surround this spring.

Enjoying the Natural View from Molenteng Tree House

On social media, there is one place in Nusa Penida that is very popular, namely the Molenteng tree house. This place is an inn in Raja Lima, and its location is very strategic facing directly to the beach. You can get a very beautiful view from here.

Enjoying the sunset at Banah Cliff

Beach visitors who are sunset hunters, are obliged to visit here if on vacation to Nusa Penida. Especially if you are feeling tired of life and tired about all your work, waiting for the sunset while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery of Banah Cliff will be the best cure!

Visiting Goa Putri Temple

A tour to Bali will not be complete if you do not know one of its cultures. You can visit one of the temples called Pura Goa Putri. This temple is unique because it is in a cave and the door to enter it is very small. Local residents use this temple as a place of worship.

You can do various interesting activities above with friends, family or your partner. If you decide to take a vacation to the island of Bali, it never hurts to divide your time to visit other islands or tourist attractions around Bali. Because many places around Bali have a very beautiful charm and hard to forget. Even so many foreign tourists are addicted to come again and again for a vacation to Bali and place around it.

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