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5 Best Beaches to See Sunrise in Bali

Visa4Bali – sunrise in Bali. Bali island is very famous for the beautiful beaches. Many people really like the views of the sunrise or sunset. If in the previous article we have discussed which beaches have the best sunset views, now this is the time to discuss which beaches have the best sunrise views! In addition to spoiling the eyes because of the beauty of the sun that will just rise in the morning, you can also learn to appreciate nature. Here we have summarized information about which beaches have the best sunrise views on Bali island.

Best Beaches to see sunrise in Bali

Lovina Beach

Next to North Bali, there is Lovina Beach which offers a very beautiful sunrise view. How come?! You can enjoy the view of the sunrise accompanied by a collection of dolphins passing around the boat that you use to the middle of the sea! The residents around this beach rent out boats that can be used for the tourists who want to visit the middle of the sea. This beach is precisely located in Singaraja district. The best time to visit this place for you to get the best sunrise view is around 6-8 am.

Nusa Dua Beach

The name of Nusa Dua is already familiar to the ears of travelers who loves Bali island. In Nusa Dua there is a beach which also has a very beautiful sunrise view. This beach is located in the Badung area. This beach has beautiful white sand and calm waves, it will be a calming and relaxing sight for you to start your day. You can also take pictures with the golden hour as your photo background. Very perfect, isn’t it?

sunrise in bali

Sanur Beach

Sanur is also a tourist destination that is very popular to the tourists. So famously, there are lots of inns that can be found in this area. For those who are here looking for a beautiful view to start your day, Sanur beach has beautiful white sand and perfected with calm waves. Some tourists can also surfing or playing water rides on this beach. This beach is located in south Denpasar and please try to visit this beach in the morning before 6 am to be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise view!

Matahari Terbit Beach

The name of this beach itself in Indonesian is has the meaning of the word ‘sunrise’. So you can imagine that the sunrise view on this beach is certainly very stunning. This beach is located in one line with Sanur Beach. There are many things that can be seen in this place at sunrise time, such as fishermen on the beach, or you can also see the island of Nusa Lembongan from a distance. The location of this beach is in South Denpasar.

Candidasa Beach

For you travelers who like tranquility, you can choose Candidasa beach as your tourist destination. This beach is located in Karangasem Regency and thisbeach is quite popular among the tourists. There are many lodgings that you can easily find there, such as hotels, or villas. What’s interesting here is the view of the sunrise at this place right across the island of Lombok. Just same with other beaches, to be able to get the best sunrise views here, you need to come early in the morning before 6 o’clock.

The 5 beaches above are recommendations for the best beaches in Bali for you to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. We hope that those above information can help you. At this time Bali has opened its doors again for foreign tourists, this is a good opportunity for you to visit. Please contact us to assist your arrival on this amazing island!

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