Leisure Bali – Unforgettable Moments Enhanced by Mesmerizing Photography

leisure bali

Nature Tourism in Bali

Leisure Bali – Busy people in the midtown are dreaming to have good vacations on their life. They will make special plan to kill their bored of work routine. Most of people will choose leisure Bali as their option to spend their vacations. So many reasons for choosing Bali as their destination for tourism. Midtown is identically with air pollution, high building and traffic jam everywhere. They’d like to escape from this bored view at least for couple days. Bali has amazing nature view such as beaches, mountain and also waterfall. It is hard to get view of sunrise or sunset in the middle of town, but in Bali you can find these views in a lot of places. Enjoying the beauty of twilight with your partner will be good to imagine, right?

Tourist Spot with Good Photography Side

To have unforgettable memories with your partner during your vacation in Bali, you should take your good moments by pictures. That’s why a lot of tourist even for domestic or foreign tourist always seen bringing their camera in every tourist spot. This is also working for you who loves photography, we have some suggestions for you to consider good tourist spot to create amazing photograph for your precious vacation as below

leisure bali

– Gangga Water Park

Besides beach in Bali, there is also legacy from historical kingdom that may interest you. It is Gangga water park located in Karangasem, Bali. Gangga water park is rock pool filled with goldfish and surrounded by fountains, put your foot here will automatically makes you feel special like a princess.

– Lempuyangan Temple

Since most of balinese people are hinduism, Pura or temple will be seen by you the most. One of the most beautiful Pura in Bali is Lempuyangan temple in Karangasem, Bali. Taking photo while sunrise or sunsert will created golden nuance in your pictures.

– Jasri Beach

If you are chocolate lovers, this might interest you to come. There is chocolate factory located in Jasri beach, Karangasem, Bali. There is also photo spot super instagrammable on the swing directly overlooking the beach.

– Ice cream world

There is new tourist spot in Bali called ice cream world located in Denpasar, Bali. For you who loves aesthetic photo this will be heaven spot for you. So many rooms with chic, cute and colorful inside there provided for you to get best photograph.

– Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang

There is precious treasure in Bali called hidden canyon beji guwang. It is located at Sahadewa street, Gianyar, Bali. This place have wonderful scenery surrounding it and makes everyone in this world want to be there.

– Karma Kandara Beach

Bali has another options for white sand beach other than Kuta beach. Karma kandara beach having good looking white sand and away from the crowded city situation due to its location is secluded. You can try to visit here to enjoy calm atmosphere and white sand beach.

– Bali Safari Park

Bali has safari park located in bypass street, 17 kilo meters from Denpasar, Bali. The animals in this safari park came from India, Africa and also Indonesia’s endemic animal.

– Gemitir Garden

This garden in the beginning is just vegetables field owned by local people. Due to the view in here similar with marigold flower at USA which is super beautiful, many tourist want to enjoy the scenery around here and capturing photo.

– Sharma Springs Bamboo

This belongs to one of the best reference for villa. You can find good spot for taking photo due to there are beauty river and forest.

Well, do you agree that those tourist spots are interesting to try?

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