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Travel Tips on Menjangan Island

Visa4bali – Menjangan Island. If in the previous article, we have discussed what you can do on Menjangan island, then this time we will share what tips you need to know before you decide to have vacation on Menjangan island. Menjangan Island is one of the small islands close to the island of Bali, and is a hidden paradise with has no inhabitants. The distance of Menjangan island is quite close to the island of Bali, only about a few kilometers. On this island there is no public transportation you can find like on Bali because there are no humans who inhabit menjangan island, but there are deer animals that live on the island of Menjangan. This animals then became the icon of this place.

Attractions on Menjangan Island

Like the island of Bali, the seasons on this island are also divided into 2, namely the dry season and the rainy season. But for almost all visitors who have been in this place, the dry season or we can it summer is the favorite one. Places that you can make as your tourist destination while on Menjangan Island, there are several choices of places that you can choose.

  • Anchor Wreck

    This place is a diving spot that is usually used by experienced and professional divers. As the name implies, there is a rusty ship complete with its anchor here. The ship is a Dutch warship that sank in the 19th century. If you dive in this place, you will see a lot of furniture made of ceramics that has been overgrown with soft corals.

  • Eel Gardens

    This place is the best diving spot on Menjangan Island, and located in the west side of this island. There is a collection of eel gardens and sea fans there. If you do diving here, there are also many marine life there that can make your eyes amazed at the beauty of the underwater life here.

  • Secret Bay

    As the name implies, this place is still untouched. This place is a very fitting place to do macro diving by having a lot of coral reefs with muddy sand on the seabed.

Menjangan Island

Tips for Vacationing to Menjangan Island

The three tourist attractions above are all favorites for people who love diving. You can take the time to stop by this island if you have time on vacation in Bali. Before you come here, here we have tips for you during your vacation to Menjangan island

  1. Before you go to Menjangan Island, you need to prepare supporting equipment for diving which you can get at the nearest resort rental.

  2. Always use a safety jacket while you are at sea, stay calm and not noisy while you are on the boat, we’re afraid of you will endanger the safety of others.

  3. If you really want to come here for a vacation, choose between April – November.

  4. Because this island has no inhabitants, try to bring food and drinks according to your needs.

  5. Always bring sunscreen while you are on vacation in this place, and also don’t forget to bring your personal medicine.

If you are planning a vacation now, then this is the right time. In accordance with the newly issued government regulations regarding the arrival of foreigners to the territory of Indonesia, there is very good news for travelers. The doors of the Indonesian state have been reopened for foreign nationals, so if you want to return to the beautiful places around the island of Bali, then this is the time! Contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns regarding your visa. Our customer care will always be online for 24 hours!

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