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3 Best Diving Locations On East Bali

Visa4bali – Diving Locations. Hi traveler who can’t wait to come back to Bali again! After being silent for 2 years, Indonesia has finally opened its doors to foreign tourists! This is very much awaited by tourists who really like to do water sport activities on Bali island.

One of the most popular water sports by tourists, especially foreign tourists, is diving. Bali island has been recognized by various countries that this island has beautiful beaches, and the underwater life is also very amazing. No wonder there are so many tourists who like to dive on this island. Besides being able to do water sports, diving also allows you to see the beauty of the creatures that exist under the sea.

Various types of fish ranging from small, medium to large can be found there. In fact, not only fish, there are also very beautiful coral reefs that can be seen there. Here, if you already have plans for another vacation to this island, you can try to stop in the eastern part of Bali or specifically in Karangasem district. There are several dive sites there, and they have their own characteristics and uniqueness.

We have summarized the 3 best places for diving for you. Check below


3 Diving Spots On East Bali

Tulamben Beach

This place is a favorite spot for divers from all over the world. Tulamben is one of the coolest diving spots. There are various kinds of colorful ornamental fish that live there, and also the medium-sized fish are also very beautiful. The beauty of this marine life is even more perfect because there are unique things that can be found there, namely a shipwreck on the seabed called America’s USAT Liberty Glo. The shipwreck has location that quite easily accessible, which is 30 meters deep and 30 meters from the beach. Tulamben Beach is located in the East Bali region or about 100 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It takes about 2.5 hours drive from the airport to get to this beach.

Candidasa Beach

This beach is also located in the eastern part of Bali. The unique thing that is liked by divers who dive in this place is that there are many baby sharks that inhabit the caves and corals on this beach. In this diving spot there are 2 very famous dive spots, namely Gili Tepekong and Gili Mimpang. There are various kinds of marine flora and fauna that are very amazing and beautiful living there. In addition to the baby sharks that you can see, there is also a canyon and small caves that live overgrown with various types of coral reefs. But you need to consider your diving skills before deciding to dive in this place. Weather conditions on this beach tend to change easily, so experienced divers are needed to dive in this place.

divingBlue Lagoon – Padang Bai

Have you ever felt curious and wanted to see Nemo fish? Now at this diving spot you can see these cute and adorable fish hiding behind coral reefs. There are various coral reefs living there ranging from soft to hard can be found there. The uniqueness of this one diving spot is that there are lots of small marine animals that can be found here. No need experienced divers needed to be able to dive here, beginners who want to try to see the beautiful marine life here also don’t need to worry because this place is safe for beginner divers.

Now the 3 diving spots above are all located in the eastern part of Bali. But before deciding to dive, don’t forget to always maintain safety and maintain behavior when in the water. Due to Bali has opened its doors again, please contact us immediately if you want to visit this place again!

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