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5 Characteristics of Traditional Wedding in Bali

Visa4Bali – Wedding in Bali. Almost everyone around the world knows and has heard of Bali. The island of Bali is one of the main destinations for tourists if you are planning a vacation, whether it’s a vacation with friends, partner or family. This island is very suitable to be a place to spend your precious time. You can do various kinds of tourist attractions ranging from nature tours, family tours to extreme sports on this island. But in fact Bali is not only about nature tourism and all the watersports in it, but many couples have celebrated their wedding in Bali.

Of the many couples who have married in Bali, many of them like Balinese culture. As is well known that Bali is also very famous for its cultural tourism, and it turns out that many people like this culture and want to have a wedding that uses decorations with the characteristics of traditional Balinese weddings.

wedding in baliBefore someone holds a wedding party, usually they will be busy with various preparations such as determining the theme and wedding decorations. Well, there are many brides who use Balinese characteristics into their wedding parties. So what are the characteristics of the culture of the island of Bali that are usually applied to weddings? See below, we have compiled the information for you.

5 Characteristic Wedding in Bali


Angkul-angkul is one of the characteristics that most attract attention, why is that? Angkul-angkul is a gate with Balinese carvings which is usually placed in front of the entrance. Can you imagine how attractive a wedding party will be if the angkul-angkul is placed in front of the entrance? At weddings that carry the theme of traditional Balinese wedding, these angkuls will be used as gates that are used to welcome guests who come. Another meaning of using angkul-angkul is to avoid interference from things that smell supernatural.

Janur at the entrance

In addition to the angkuls, there are decorations that can grab attention at the entrance to the wedding party, namely Janur which is formed with a unique and complicated shape. Janur is a young coconut leaf so the color is whitish yellow. The meaning of putting this leaf is as a symbol of blessing, and the bride and groom will get blessings during their marriage. The height of Janur is usually very high, usually up to 5 meters.

Poleng Cloth

Poleng cloth is a black and white checkered fabric that is very similar to a chessboard. In a wedding that carries the theme of Balinese culture, this cloth will definitely be used and wrapped around a pole or gate that is in the building where the wedding ceremony takes place. The meaning of using this cloth is to protect all bad things that will interfere with the wedding procession.

Balinese umbrella

Balinese umbrellas are something that should not be missed at Balinese weddings. Usually this umbrella will be placed at the entrance of the wedding ceremony, and also placed on the right and left side of the bridal aisle. The meaning of this umbrella is to protect its owner from disturbing evil spirits. This umbrella is not an umbrella that we usually encounter, but this umbrella is made of bamboo and reaches a height of 3 meters, the shape is also unique because it is decorated with various fabrics and accessories.


Gebogan is an offering that is usually used by Hindus, but is also used as Balinese wedding decorations. Gebogan is shaped like a tower with a support container made of woven bamboo or wood, and it contains various kinds of fruits, bread and traditional cakes. The top will be decorated with flowers and leaves which are formed in various unique and interesting shapes. The meaning is that by giving this offering, the bride and groom will be blessed by the creator.

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