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5 Traditions From Bali Culture That Still Exist To This Day!

Visa4bali – Bali culture. The island of Bali is famous for many things, ranging from its natural scenery, tourist attractions, rides, water sports to its cultural heritage. In this article, we will discuss about Balinese culture that still exists today. Many people already know, if you decide to take a vacation to the island of Bali, then you can also learn about its cultures at the same time.

Balinese culture and traditions passed down by ancestors from the past to the present are something unique to learn. Even these things are considered interesting not only for local tourists but also for foreign tourists. Many foreign tourists who come to Bali with the aim of wanting to learn and see the unique traditions and culture of Bali.

These cultures and traditions are preserved because people believe that these rituals and processions are a way for them to worship the gods and pray to God for prosperity and health. All of them are wrapped in a tradition and live among the Balinese people. Apart from being a symbol of worship, the unique things done in the ritual are enough to attract the attention of tourists to watch it as educational entertainment.

Here are the various traditions in Bali along with their explanations:

Bali culture

5 Traditions From Bali Culture

Trunyan Village Cemetery

Many of the Balinese people are Hindu. In Hinduism, if someone dies, their body will be burned or cremated directly. However, there is a unique tradition in Trunyan village. If someone dies, then the body of that person will be placed under the incense tree, and the body is placed on the ground without being buried. They make something to protect the body so that animals or wild animals are not looking for it, by building fenced off made of bamboo. But what makes it unique and strange is that the body does not emit a bad smell. Well, because of this unique thing, many local and foreign tourists make this place as a tourist destination.

Mekotek Tradition

The Mekotek tradition is a tradition that is held every 6 months after the Kuningan Day celebration. According to local people, this tradition aims to protect themselves from disease and to ask for health. This tradition uses a 3 meter long pulet wood (the skin has been peeled off) to form a stick, and the sticks are arranged into a cone with the sound of ‘tek, tek, tek’.

Megibung Tradition In Karangasem

In Bali, there is a tradition of eating together when there is a celebration ceremony in the Karangasem area. The ceremony can be a wedding, autonan, 3-month event or other traditional ceremonies. This tradition is still ongoing, even when the Regent of Karangasem held this tradition en masse in one of these tourist attractions to get a Muri record (Indonesian Record Museum).

Mesuryak Tradition

This tradition can only be found in the village of Bongan, Tabanan Regency. The tradition and culture of Mesuryak is held with the aim of paying homage to the ancestors in a joyful way, and in a crowd then together throwing money into the air, then the money will be contested by the residents who attend the event. This unique event is held every 6 months, during the Kuningan Day.

The Tradition of Ngerebeg in Tegalalang

Tegalalang is very famous for the beautiful view of its terraced rice fields, but apparently there are other interesting things there. There is a unique tradition called Ngerebeg. This tradition involves men ranging from small to old and are made up with scary faces. This is to describe the spirits who often disturb children. This tradition is held to give offerings, so that they can live side by side with humans and not interfere with each other.

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