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Knowing When the Best Time to Visit Bali

Visa4Bali – Best Time to Visit Bali. Almost everyone around the world has heard about ‘Bali’. This place is one of the best vacation spots in the world and dreamed by many people. The island of Bali is included in the territory of Indonesia which has 2 seasons, namely the dry season and the rainy season. Choosing Bali as your vacation destination will definitely make you think about the best time to visit this amazing island.

Even though Indonesia doesn’t have 4 seasons, a vacation to Bali where this island is part of the territory of Indonesia and has 2 seasons will still be amazing and impressive. The island of Bali is very famous for its natural beauty, the area is still beautiful and cool, and the beaches are so beautiful and enchanting. The Bali weather and the Bali climate need to be known by potential tourists before finally deciding to vacation here to know when the best time to visit or to be able to find out when Bali has the highest number of visitors or the lowest number of visits.

Best Time to Visit BaliWhen is the best time to visit Bali?

Holidays on the island of Bali are very special for all people from children to adults. Find out when is the best time for you to plan your vacation to Bali with your family or friends. The peak of holidays in Bali takes place between July and August, or at the beginning and end of the year.

All visitors, both domestic and foreign, will be very many who come and the condition of tourist attractions in Bali will be very crowded. Therefore, if possible, please avoid going to Bali during this period. Why is that so? To get comfortable feeling while on vacation, it would be better if the tourist place you are going to visit is not crowded with tourists. We recommend for potential travelers to plan vacation time between April, May, June or September. Conditions in this month are the best conditions where the weather is still very comfortable to use as a vacation time because it is not the rainy season.

Even during this month period, hotel and villa room rentals are cheaper than during the peak holiday season. If on vacation you will definitely be required to buy souvenirs for your family or friends, then during this period there will be lots of shops opening discounts and promos. Then for potential visitors who want to taste a variety of culinary delights in restaurants, this period is also the best period because the restaurant will not be too crowded with visitors.

Bali’s sea conditions during these months are also very suitable for water sport activities such as surfing, diving, snorkeling or other marine activities. And if you are on vacation with your family and children, family tourist attractions such as the Zoo, bird park, marine & safari park to monkey forest will not be as busy as during high season.

Surely you and your family will be very comfortable with the conditions and a calm atmosphere while on vacation, right? The conditions and atmosphere that create a sense of comfort when on vacation in Bali are actually caused by the weather in Bali and also the school holiday season. Because Bali is very famous for its beautiful beaches, make sure you plan your vacation during the dry season or when there is no rainy season.

The dry season will last from April to October. In addition to getting the perfect beach view during the summer or dry season, you can also avoid bad weather which can cause your vacation to have an experience you don’t want. So, if you have questions about your visa needs or visa extension, please contact our customer care service, which is available 24 hours a day!

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