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How To Get Work Visa in Indonesia, and Difference Between Work Visa & Business Visa

Visa4Bali – Work Visa. As has been informed in the previous articles that all applications for temporary residence permits for foreign nationals are done by online. Through this online application, both the guarantor (who is an Indonesian citizen) and foreign nationals who apply for a residence permit can apply from anywhere and anytime.

The immigration website for those of you who want to apply for a temporary residence permit in Indonesia is However, this is different if you want to apply working visa for prospective foreign workers, the website address and procedures are carried out through the online foreign worker website.

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Difference Between Work Visa and Business Visa

Currently, many foreigners are working in Indonesia, and all of them must have a work permit or Indonesian work visa. However, sometimes information related to visa application changes frequently, so you must always update the information.

Regarding the application for a work permit for prospective foreign workers, at this time there are still many people who cannot distinguish between a work permit and a business visa. The types of visas that are commonly used to conduct business in Indonesia are business visas and work permits.

A business visa is a type of visa that is used for business purposes or affairs in Indonesia such as seminars, training, and most importantly it cannot be used for work. If prospective foreign workers want to work in Indonesia, the type of visa used is a work visa. Work visas are used for workers who work in the territory of Indonesia and use their salary as compensation.

How to Get Work Visa

Now after we know the difference between a work visa and a business visa, we will inform you how to get a work visa in Indonesia. However, the process of getting this type of visa does require us to have more patience. Because the procedures and processes are different from other types of visas. Here is the process that a person goes through to get a work visa in Indonesia

  • The company you will work will become your sponsor, and receives approval from the Foreign Worker Employment Plan for its proposal, which is obtained from the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower.
  • The company where you will work must go through a pre-work permit process, and notify you of the duration or how long you can live and work in Indonesia.
  • Pay an advance of 100 USD / month as payment of the Compensation Fund for the Use of Foreign Workers. The compensation fund for the use of foreign workers is compensation that must be paid by employers of foreign workers for each foreign worker employed as non-tax state revenue or regional income.
  • After getting an approved work permit, you can work in Indonesia legally or officially.
  • By having this work permit, the Indonesian immigration office will issue a VITAS for you.
  • You must convert the VITAS you receive into a KITAS when you arrive in Indonesia.

Well, the long steps above are process that must be passed for anyone who wants to be able to work in Indonesia. The period of a work permit in Indonesia will be valid for about 1 to 12 months, depending on the type of industry the company employs you.

Especially after the doors of the Indonesian state, which are currently starting to open again for foreign nationals. In addition to being able to travel in various regions of Indonesia, foreigners who want to work in Indonesia are now able to take care of other needs and permits. If you have any questions regarding your residence permit and also need assistance with your visa requirements, please contact us immediately!

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