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Types and Functions of Visa

Visa4bali – functions of visa. Let’s go back discussing about the important thing for your travel to other country, Visa. Even though you usually hand over this things to your travel agencies or visa service agencies, it is a good idea for you to know everything about what you need to know and need to have during your trip.

functions of visa

Important Things To Visit Other Country

Basically visa is an official document released by country contains a sign or permit for someone to enter a country. It is not just any visa can be used to enter a country. So knowledge about the types and functions of visas are very important to avoid you from problems at the immigration office later.

Visa can be a stamp that affixed on the original passport, and can be sticker that pasted on the passport’s paper. Or it can be the combinations of them, above the sticker will be given hand writing and stamp from the officers when visa is issued. The sticker will be such a hologram that can’t be used by scammers who want to commit fraud, this kind of sticker can only issued by the governments.

Here are the information that written on your visa

  1. Destination country that you will visit

  2. Arrival destinations

  3. Visa validity period

Functions of visa

After knowing what information on your visa, lets knowing types and functions of visa below

  • Temporary visit visa for family visit

    If you have family who lived in other country, you will take your time to visit your other family members. You will need this visa to visit the country where your family lives there. Maximal time you can get for this visa is 90 days or 3 months.

  • Temporary visit visa for tourist visit

    This is the most popular visa. This kind of visa is permit to enter country for doing vacations. But please be note, each country has their own rules for making tourist visa. So please contact and discuss with your visa service agencies to apply this visa before your trip.

  • Temporary visit visa for business visit

    This visa is usually used by people who have business or having business trip to other countries. By having this visa, you can get the convenience of business trip.

  • Wok visa

    There are 3 kinds from this work visa such are temporary, semi-temporary, and permanent work visa. If someone having many years of working on other county, then this visa will be changed into permanent. But most of cases, work visa usually depends on how long your contract will be end.

  • Transit visa

    The transit visa is having function for doing transit in a country before continuing the journey to destination country. This visa will only workable in airport area or to all country where you are in transit. Please keep stay in the airport area during your time waiting your next flight, because this visa will only workable in couple hours before get back to your flight to other country.

  • Study permit visa

    This visa is usually used for people who want to have study in other country. The visa will be valid as long as you are still in study period.

  • Exchange permit visa

    This kind of visa is almost the same with study permit visa. The different only on the specific function such following student exchange programs for school or university.

  • Visa on arrival

    If those all types of visa above need to make before you arrive to destination country, this kind of visa is suddenly made. Visa on arrival is usually make when you have arrived in the country even by airport, sea port, or just walking by touching state border.

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