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Hunt for cheap culinary delights at the Sindhu Night Market, Bali

Sindhu night market
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Visa Bali Info – Sindhu Night Market

Every now and then, try to feel like a people’s holiday, without having to think about what dress code to wear to be happy.

The night market is a people’s party which is usually held by the relevant agencies. This night market is clearly intended for all people without exception.

This form of night market is widely held in every region in Indonesia and of course the events vary.

It turns out that in Bali there is also a night market, called the Sindhu night market. Here you can taste all kinds of cuisine at cheap prices. For more details, see our review below.

Sindhu Bali Night Market

Sindhu night market
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Sindhu night market or also known as the “senggol” market. The atmosphere in this market at night many visitors walk to enjoy the market crowd.

With this bustling atmosphere, sometimes when we walk we accidentally bump into each other. Maybe that’s why the Sindhu night market is also called the senggol market.

Covering an area of ​​around 52 acres, the Sindhu night market is currently being funded by village self-help and managed by the Sanur Development Foundation.

What needs to be appreciated is if this market still maintains traditional values ​​as a friendly and fresh market.

There are approximately 361 traders occupying stalls and shops in the market area. Los A is for traders who sell worship equipment, Los B sells kitchen needs and Balinese snacks, while Los C sells meat and fish.

Cheap Festive Culinary at the Sindhu Night Market

Sindhu night market
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For you snack hunters where you are, this night market is the right place for you to visit.

Many kinds of food are offered at this night market. Starting from Balinese specialties, Indonesian culinary specialties, Chinese Food, to Western Food.

Sindhu night market
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The various menus offered are varied, such as Balinese mixed rice, vegetable cake, traditional Balinese jajak, chicken and goat satay, martabak, toast and many others. For the price itself, it is quite affordable, starting from Rp. 5000,- up to Rp. 50.000,-.

What’s interesting about here is that you can find a lot of merchandise such as clothes, toys, and odong-odong providers for children.

Location and Hours of Operation

This Sindhu night market is right on Jalan Danau Toba No.17, Sanur, South Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali.

For operating hours, this place is open every day starting at 03.00 WITA. Special Sindhu Night Market for culinary opens at 18.00 WITA to 23.00 WITA.

Route to Sindhu Night Market

After a day of enjoying the beauty of the nearest beach at this night market, namely Segara Ayu beach. You just need to go to the exit then turn left onto Jalan Danau Tamblingan, when you arrive at the T-junction, turn right onto Jalan Danau Toba.

From this alley, you can see a lot of parking motorbikes and foreign tourists walking to the market.

The time taken is not long, approximately 10 minutes by motorbike or on foot which only takes approximately 15 minutes.


When you go to this market, you will be stunned by the arrangement of the stalls of the traders, which are very neat and make it easier for buyers to find the items they are looking for.

Even world travel sites such as TripAdvisor have named this market as the first ranking in the list of trending attractions in Southeast Asia.

Not only are the prices given cheap, comfort and cleanliness are also very well maintained. So it is only natural that hotels in Sanur include this market as part of a tourist tour that tourists must visit when they go to Bali.

Don’t forget to stop by this night market and schedule it when you visit Bali…

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