Jaje Laklak Traditional Balinese Snacks

traditional balinese snack
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Visa Bali Info –  Traditional Balinese Snacks

This traditional food from the name alone has invited people’s curiosity to taste it. When in Bali, these snacks become typical snacks as well as other areas that have their own traditional snacks.

Traditional Balinese snacks are no less interesting to taste. This snack can also be a complement when visiting or on vacation in Bali.

Jaje Laklak

Jaje laklak is a traditional Balinese snack that is often sold in traditional markets or senggol markets in Bali.

Jaje laklak is similar to serabi in Java, but has different ingredients and toppings. This cake is served with melted brown sugar or what is often called kinca and a sprinkling of grated coconut.

Materials and Manufacturing Method

How to make laklak is very easy. Laklak is generally made using rice flour dissolved in water and given a natural dye. The dough is then baked with firewood on a clay mold. The aroma of firewood and the roasted part of the laklak is what gives it a distinctive taste and is able to invite appetite.

Shape and Size

traditional balinese snack
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The shape of laklak really resembles surabi, but its size is smaller. The size of the laklak is only as big as the palm of a child’s hand. The color of shellac is generally pale green. This color is obtained from the leaves of suji wood which is used as a natural dye in the manufacture of laklak.


Laklak is served warm with a sprinkling of grated coconut and melted brown sugar. Unlike surabi, which have various types, such as durian surabi and chocolate surabi, there is only one type of laklak in Bali. The difference in Laklak in Bali is only because of the difference in the recipe of the maker.

Eating Habits

Laklak is usually served as breakfast for our friends in Bali. Laklak is commonly found in traditional markets in the morning. In addition, Lak-lak is also made specifically as a party dish and traditional ceremonies.

Jaje Laklak Recipe

Actually, how to make it is not difficult, you only need a few ingredients and the manufacturing process is also fairly practical.

Ingredients for jajelaklak :

500 grams of rice flour

50 grams of glutinous rice flour

enough suji leaf water

Grams to taste

Grated coconut

Ingredients Kinca (brown sugar sauce) :

400 grams of brown sugar, comb

350 ml of water

3 pandan leaves

How to make jaje lalak :

  1. Mix rice flour and glutinous rice flour. Brew the flour with a little hot water. Let it cool to lukewarm, then add salt.
  2. Knead the flour while pouring the suji leaf water little by little until it becomes a thick dough like making fried banana dough.
  3. Heat the carabikang cake mold from clay. You can also use a snackmaker or non-stick Teflon if you don’t have both.

Give the coconut skin, then leave it until the coconut skin becomes charred. Remove the coconut skin.

  1. Pour a spoonful of dough into the mold and close the mold. Bake or use a small stove fire until the surface of the cake is hollow and cooked.
  2. Pry the cake and remove it from the mold. Arrange jaje laklak on a serving plate. Then sprinkle with coconut.

Jaje Laklak can be found in all traditional Balinese markets. Traders usually sell this Jaje Laklak for Rp. 5,000 per serving containing 5 pieces of Jaje or Laklak Cake.

Cake Laklak or commonly called Jaje Laklak is a small cake with a circular shape of 3 cm in diameter and has a legit taste. Very fitting as a friend to sit in the morning or evening, coupled with the warmth of Balinese coffee.

Jaje laklak is one of the many traditional Balinese snacks, when you go to Bali, don’t forget to try this one food !

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