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Visa4bali – New Sanur. The island of Bali is one of the areas affected by the regional restrictions that have arisen due to the COVID-19 virus. Many countries in the world are experiencing an economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many tourist sites were closed and because of that these places did not have visitors, which resulted in many people experiencing an economic crisis.

It’s been almost 2 years since we all went through those terrible times. Currently, the government has opened several tourist attractions in several areas, for example Bali, Sanur is one of them. After the reopening of Sanur, this place got the nickname new Sanur. Based on the news that has been released from the government, the Indonesian state has also reopened its doors for foreign nationals. Foreign nationals who want to enter Indonesian territory can enter through Bali or the Riau Archipelago.

New Sanur Latest Conditions

new sanurIt is known that currently the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to be controlled, therefore the state of Indonesia has opened its doors again to foreign nationals. This is what makes New Sanur open to travelers who really miss the feeling of vacation.

Even in Sanur, the famous Ngaben ceremony has been held on the Sanur beach while still paying attention to health protocols. The Ngaben ceremony is a big ceremony and involves many people, so to be able to carry out this ceremony in the midst of controlling the covid-19 virus, you must prioritize health protocols, one of which is wearing a mask.

The controlled condition of the COVID-19 pandemic provides an opportunity for the island of Bali to rise again, especially for the tourism sector. The island of Bali is so famous for its natural beauty, also known as the island of a thousand temples and culture which must have been greatly missed by local and foreign tourists.

On the island of Bali, the government says that there are about 13 points or entrances to enter the Sanur beach area. This is because Sanur beach has a length of about 3 kilometers, so that visitors don’t pile up at one door, the managements do this to avoid crowd. There will also be a COVID-19 task force at each entrance, they are tasked with ensuring that visitors who come comply with tourism regulations while maintaining health protocols. Visitors who enter the Sanur beach area are required to always wear a mask, wash their hands and check body temperature before entering the tourist area.

Even though several tourist attractions have reopened and the COVID-19 pandemic has been under control, visitors must always pay attention to and maintain health protocols. The government hopes that all people will continue to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that they can carry out normal daily activities. This is done to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus so that everything is safer. The government also provides education to the public, such as educating people to always carry spare masks, carry hand sanitizers, and also be diligent in washing hands regularly and no less important is to keep a distance from other people. This education is carried out for market traders, business actors in the tourism sector and restaurants and lodging in the Sanur area.

The reopening of various tourist attractions on the island of Bali has made many other hotels and inns also re-opened. Lots of lodging places that hold promo and discount programs will reopen tourist attractions. Restaurants also do the same thing, which is making promotions and discounts. So if you really miss your vacation, immediately plan your vacation because this is the right time.

The beautiful places in Sanur are ready to welcome and spoil your eyes that haven’t seen the enchanting beauty of nature in a long time!

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