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Unique Things Happened In Bali Island

Bali Island – Bali is one of the beautiful island in Indonesia. Everybody knows that Indonesia called with island nation because Indonesia has thousands islands in its country. And one of the most beautiful and famous island around the world is Bali island. This popularity spread all over the world. Bali island has always appeal to tourist both in mountain nature, lake, beach, and also white sand beach. But most of foreign tourist loves the summer and sunshine in Bali island.

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Besides from this breathtaking scenery surrounding Bali, Bali island is also having unique culture that can only found in Bali. Their people still believe about God and also believing sacred place. This is proof that bali island is not always about summer and sunshine or having holidays with your partner. In a certain time, there will be religious or sacred ceremony will be held in Bali.


Unique Things in Bali

There are so many things such Bali culture or unique things both in art and music. In this chance, we will collect unique things that only happened in Bali island for you

  1. Makepung (Buffalo Race)

Makepung is a tradition in Bali which is doing buffalo race in Jembrana, West Bali. Hundreds pairs of buffalo will compete to reach the fastest finish line controlled by a jockey, and each pair of buffalo will be associated with a wooden plow. This event usually start in the morning around 7.30 and finish 5 hours later. It is usually happened on July, August, September, October and November.

2. Pandan Leaves War in Tenganan Village

The war tradition of pandan leaves held in Tenganan village, Bali. This is not only traditional show but this is the part of the real Balinese culture from the village. By doing this tradition, the people in the village believe this will help them to avoid bad things happened to them. this ritual is about 2 village youths fighting in an arena using pandan leaves. As we know that pandan leaves has sharpy area on it, and imagine this sharpy part will hurt the village youths. Is a bit terrible isn’t? If you want to see this pandan leaves war you can come to Tenganan village in the middle of June

3. Nyepi Day

Nyepi day is feast day for Hinduism in Indonesia, but not same as another feast day from another religion, Nyepi day is different. In the Nyepi Day, all the routine activity stopped and quiet atmospheres are everywhere. This quiet atmosphere start from 6 in the morning, and then finish at 6 o clock a days after. If you want to see Nyepi Day in Indonesia, We suggest you to check national calendar for Indonesia due to the date for this always change every year following the national calendar.

bali island4. Temple in the middle of lake

This temple is called ‘Pura’. Bali has many unique arts and culture, one of the part is Pura. When you have vacation in Bali island, you will meet a lot of Pura start from small to big. The location one of this pura is also unique and its called Pura Ulun Danu located in Beratan Bedugul lake. The atmosphere and scenery around this pura is cool and made this place as promote place for vacation in Bali


5. Ngaben

Ngaben is cremation ceremony in Bali island and belongs to one of the important ceremonies in the Balinese Hindu cultural tradition. The thing that made this unique is about the transportation used from the house to cremation site is using something called ‘Wadah’ which is in Bali words mean place. This wadah has 2 forms, one shaped with small temple decorated beautifully, and the other one is shaped like animal form like an ox.

That unique things above happened only in Bali island, if you guys want to see them you can decided to visit Bali for your vacation.

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