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List of Favorite Fruits On Bali Island For The Tourists

Visa Info Bali – Balinese island is popular among the tourists for its natural tourism and Balinese cultures. Lots of tourists to both local or foreigners are enjoying to spend vacation and getting back with bringing various kinds of souvenirs. These can be gifts such as decorations, handmade items, or Balinese food and fruits. In Balinese island, there are lots of tasty tropical fruits that you can find. So many colorful fruits that you might find on the streets of Bali during your walk. This could be fruits store or street vendors. Balinese island has quite lots of fruits that characterize the region. Bali island also has fertile soil and this is why this island has a wide variety of fruit choices, and tourists made it as their food souvenirs. You’re not going home from vacation without bringing anything for family and friends, aren’t you?

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Here we made a list for you if you are going to bring tropical fruit of Bali island as your options


This Balinese orange comes from Bali island. This is quite famous among the tourists both local and foreigners. This orange is unique compare to others orange fruits in the worlds due to its size. Pomelo has big size and very thick flesh with a sweet taste made tourists loving this Balinese fruit.

Kintamani Oranges

Other than only having Pomelo when you get back from your vacation, it is better to try this kind of fruits as well. Kintamani oranges are also fruits that comes from Balinese island. The kintamani oranges become the identity of Bali and used by local people on their religious ceremonies. It is also has unique taste by combining sweet and sour into one. You can take these oranges directly or made into a delicious orange juice to be able to enjoy it.

Salak Bali

On Karangasem Regency of Bali island known as the biggest salak garden center in this beautiful island. This place producing Balinese Salak that having fresh and sweet taste. The size of this Salak is smaller compare to others. There is one of Balinese salak which has a very sweet taste called Salak Gula Pasir. Even salak on Bali island, there is an alcoholic drink called wine salak. The alcohol content that contained in this wine is almost the same as the level of wine which made from the grapes.

Balinese Durian

You may consider this fruit as your options for food souvenirs. Durian which comes from this beautiful island known with soft flesh texture. In the world of fruit, Durian is the king of fruits, and then no wonder many people like the pungent smells of this fruit as well as its taste. There are lots of sellers you could find easily on this beautiful island and they are offering this king fruits, it could be fruit shop or traders on the roadside.


Other interesting fruits on Bali island is mangosteen. People usually call it as queen of fruits. It has the same popularity as Durian. This fruit grows in the west and east side of Bali’s that having fertile and green land, and you can find best qualities of mangosteen there! The main characteristic of this fruit is that this tasty fruit has purple color and thick skin, and also this fruit has high antioxidant for your health.


Have you ever try this one? This fruit has a unique shape by having a skin that covered with soft thorns resembling hair. The taste of this fruit is similar with lychee, but rambutan taste is sweeter than lychee.

Those 6 tropical fruits above can be found in Bali island, and you can choose them as your food gifts that you bring for your family and friends!

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