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Beautiful Places Apart from Sunset Spots in Tabanan

Visa4bali – In the previous article, it has been discussed about the spots in Tabanan for you to be able to enjoy Sunset on the beach. These beaches are the best sunset spots in Tabanan that you can choose when you decide to have vacation on Bali island. For some people who don’t know Tabanan, Tabanan is one of the places in Bali that occupies 15% of the island of Bali. There are many choices of entertainment there, you also have various choices about tourism objects in the Tabanan area.

The location of Tabanan is very strategic because it is close to the Indian Ocean, and also other districts in Bali which have many tourist attractions. Because Bali is very popular with its beautiful beaches, here you will be amazed by the natural beauty that this area has. Some visitors who have come here even mention that there are many hidden paradises here.

Tourist attractions that are very iconic with Bali and also places that are so popular are found in this region. If you are looking for references about tourist attractions in the Tabanan area, we will provide information about recommended places to visit during your vacation in Tabanan. So before you arrive in Bali, it’s better to read the following information

Sunset Spots in TabananUlun Lake Beratan

One of the tourist attractions with an iconic temple on the island of Bali is Lake Beratan. This lake has very beautiful and cool natural scenery. This place is located in the highlands of 1239 masl and has very natural charm that can’t be doubted. If you feel bored and tired with all your daily activities, maybe stopping at this place can help you get rid of that tiredness and boredom.

Alas Kedaton

This place is a protected area and there are hundreds of monkeys that live there! But don’t be afraid, the monkeys that live there are all tame and can make friends with the visitors who are there. Here you will be presented with a natural landscape that is so beautiful and natural, it also has a building like a temple from ancient times and enhanced with the typical atmosphere of a protected forest.


Have you ever seen a green expanse of rice fields with a perfect terrace? Jatiluwih is a tourist attraction that has views of terraced rice fields with a background of Mount Batukaru. The scenery here is very beautiful and the atmosphere around this place is very cool.

Tanah Lot

Who doesn’t know Tanah Lot? Almost everyone around the world has heard about Tanah Lot. There are even many tourism travel sites and social media that showing the beauty of Bali using images from Tanah Lot. Here you can enjoy the unique view of the temple built on a large rock, and you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset here. But usually people prefer to see the sunset here, because there is an orange light coming from the sun that you can see at sunset and will make your eyes mesmerized when you see it.

Bedugul Botanical Garden

If you like a green and beautiful atmosphere, then visiting the Bedugul Botanical Gardens can be an option. Bedugul Botanical Gardens has so many types of trees that live there that come from the territory of Indonesia. This place is perfect for your vacation with family and this place is one of the places that has been used as a school tour destination by various schools. So no need to worry if you decide to stop by this place with your family, the facilities and equipment are definitely guaranteed!

You can visit the places above when you are in the Tabanan area or around it. So what are you waiting for? Book your flight now and arrange your visa with us now!


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