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6 Spots To Have Great Tabanan’s Sunset Moments

Bali Visa Info – Almost everyone in the world loves to watch the sunset. The beautiful panoramas and nuances comes from this condition are really amazing and made people will never forget the moment of it. Balinese island is having lots of beach options for you to get unforgetable moments of sunset. Most of the tourists came to Bali for having fun with the beaches and the sea activities that Bali’s have. The are several places in Tabanan regency, which is one of the regencies that located on the southern part of Bali island are offering interesting tourism potential, especially with the beaches! Not only uluwatu has the best sunset view, but you can also call this city as Tabanan Sunset due to it has several beaches offering mesmerizing panorama of sunset.


  1. Tanah Lot

    The fist options from the list is Tanah Lot. You guys must be already know that the popularity of this place is no joke. Most of travel agencies in Bali island are using the picture of this place as their promotions or advertisement. But not many people know that Tanah Lot is belongs to one of the best tourist destinations of Tabanan. Even though this place is not having white sands that considered as beautiful things by the tourists even for domestic or foreigners, Tanah Lot is pretty famous to the tourists having great sunset view surrounding it. Besides to enjoy the sunset moments, you may also see the tradional rituals that usually done on this place.

  2. Soka Beach

    One of the proof that not only beaches with white sands are beautiful is this Soka beach. This Soka beach is the proof that black sands beach can be a beautiful place for having best sunset moments too. Lots of photographers come to this beach to capture moments and the beach itself. The unique thing from this beach that this beach is having a very natural cave which is located not far from the shoreline. Visitors can find thousands of swallows inside this cave.

  3. Melasti Beach

    The unique thing from Melasti beach is that this beach is having mini waterfall that makes this Melasti beach Tabanan become a beautiful sunset hunting location. This is the thing that you can’t find in other beach in Balinese island!

  4. Kelating Beach

    The next black sands beach on Tabanan area is Kelating beach. If you guys are loving to do sea actvities such surfing before getting the beauty of sunset, you may choose this beach as your option. Many tourists consider this place because this beach having heavy waves that very perfect for surfing activity. After done with the surfing, you can take a rest and enjoying sunset moments. The perfect combination to get, right?

  5. Pasut Beach

    It seems that most of beaches in Tabanan area are having black sands beach. The next black sand beach is Pasut beach. On this beach, you can find unique thing and become phenomenal for this place. There are seaside coconut trees with a bent trunk. The visitors who come to this place often take this unique spot for their photography by having funny poses climbing the tree. The photography will be even more amazing to look at by having the silhouette side of this beach when sunset’s coming. A very instagrammable place right?

  6. Mekayu Beach

    Playing football at the beach is really possible to do on Mekayu beach. This beach is having spacious area that perfected with black sands. This beach looks even more beautiful by having coconut trees on the seaside. Other than just having water sport activity like surfing, you can play football with your family or friends at this beach to wait sunset moments. What a wonderful time to have!

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