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Beautiful Balinese Dolphins on Lovina Beach

Enjoying a holiday in Bali, usually tourists prefer the southern Bali area such as Kuta, Seminyak, Legian to Jimbaran. Well maybe it’s time for you to find out other beautiful tourist attractions in Bali, for example in the north of Bali. There is one beach that is very famous among tourists, both domestic and foreign, namely Lovina Beach.

This beach has the main attraction, namely Dolphins. On Lovina Beach, visitors will be able to see the attractions of wild dolphins in the middle of the high seas. If you usually see dolphin attractions indoors such as a circus or something like that, then on Lovina beach you will be able to see wild dolphin attractions in the middle of the ocean!

Lovina Beach on North Bali

Lovina beach has black sand, so Lovina beach looks more exotic because of the black sand that covers the beach area which is quite long, which is about 2 kilometers. If you are a person who prefers to have a vacation on the beach with conditions that are not too crowded, then you can get that at Lovina Beach. This beach has a very calm atmosphere and the location is still very natural, so the beach, which is located in southern Bali, is different when compared to the beaches in North Bali.

To be able to enjoy the sunrise or sunset on this beach, you need to use a boat to go to the middle of the sea because the Lovina coastline faces north. Then how long does it take to get to this Lovina beach? If you travel from Kuta, it will take about 3 hours of travel with a few winding roads. But don’t worry, after arriving at this beach, the long and winding journey that you take will be paid off with the beautiful views and things on Lovina beach.

Beautiful Dolphins attraction on Lovina Beach

If the main attraction of the beaches is the beauty of the beaches, but at this Lovina beach the main attraction is the Bali dolphins. Lovina tourist area has special attractions from dolphins that live in the middle of the high seas, and to be able to enjoy the show you have to use a boat to the middle of the sea. The best time to be able to witness this moment directly is the morning before sunrise, because the dolphins will be in the middle of the sea between 6 and 8 in the morning.

They will act starting from jumping to the surface, or just swimming close to the visitors. Visitors who want to watch can rent a traditional boat from the fishermen. Have a tourist ever asked how much it costs to be able to see the dolphin attraction? There is no fee charged to be able to see this extraordinary animal in action or it’s free. However, visitors have to pay to rent a boat that will be used to go to the middle of the sea. The following facilities will be obtained by visitors if you rent a boat to see this Balinese dolphin:

lovina beach

  • The duration of renting a boat is approximately 2 hours
  • Boat driver
  • Boat capacity is 5 people
  • Life jackets for all passengers on the boat
  • Get breakfast after seeing the dolphin attraction in the middle of the sea

In addition to enjoying the beautiful view of the Lovina beach sea and enjoying the attractions of wild dolphins in the middle of the sea, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of marine life on Lovina Beach by diving. The beauty of the underwater world on this beach is not inferior to other beaches on the island of Bali.

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