Tips and Benefits of Scuba Diving

Visa Bali Info – You must be often to hear or see pictures about scuba diving especially places like Bali island where there are so many beaches with beautiful under water world are existed. Lots of diving spots Bali are chosen by the tourists for both local and foreign tourists as their diving destination. But some people still don’t understand what is the meaning of scuba diving. Scuba is an abbreviation for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. Someone who does scuba diving will dive below sea level to a depth of about 40 meters. During diving, people who do scuba diving will breathe through their mouth using a device that is connected to an oxygen tank that put on their back. The diving equipment that will be used for diving is oxygen cylinders, regulators, tanks, and weight enhancers, and all of them will be your buddies to explore the underwater world.

scuba divingTips Before Having Scuba Diving

Although it looks light and simple, this activity is a diving sport that needs to be done carefully and under the guidance of a professional trainer. So make sure you are ready to do this sport after really mastering it and being accompanied by a colleague or coach.

Here we made some tips for you during your diving time on the water and to minimize health risks and maintain safety

  • It is not suggested to dive alone and please always dive with a fellow diver whether it’s your friend or your coach.

  • Please check all the diving equipment’s carefully before you do the scuba diving, and please make sure that everything is in perfect condition.

  • Please have consultation to doctor before doing this water-sport, because for some people with certain health conditions there will be risks that will arise after doing this sport and can even be dangerous.

  • Please dive according to the dive plan.

  • Please follow all the instructions and dive techniques that have been given before doing diving.

Advantages of Scuba Diving

scuba divingScuba diving activities are one of the popular water sports on Bali island which are carried out by tourists from various countries. This is something that can be used for removing your tired or bored and also to become healthy sports for you. Here we gathered information about what advantages you will get from doing scuba diving

  1. Train the strength and flexibility of muscle

    When you do diving in underwater, all of your muscles will be work more hard and this will make your strength and flexibility better.

  2. Improve blood circulation

    This is become a cardio sports. When you do diving, your heart will deliver oxygen to muscles by enlarging and strengthening them. This will make blood circulation in the body better.

  3. Burn massive calories

    Diving is known as a sport that burns more calories than other sports. So if you want to burn your calories or make your calories lower, please do this sport for about 30 minutes, it will burn 40 calories.

  4. Lowering blood pressure

    There is already research that inform by doing scuba diving routinely, you can make your blood pressure lower.

  5. Practice breathing

    You are forbidden to just hold your breath while diving. When diving, you have to use deep breathing (usually using belly breaths). This is something that makes you practice your breathing better.

  6. Relieve stress

    Seeing beautiful scenery on underwater can be a mood buster and it can helps you to remove stress. Additionally you will not only enjoy it alone but with your diving partner.

  7. Increase self-confidence

    Scuba diving is extreme, challenging sports and this sport will be increased your adrenaline too. This will encourage you to have even better abilities than before.

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