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Wonderful Things You Can Find On Tegalalang

TegalalangBali Visa Info – Balinese island having so many good tourist destination other than beach. It will depend on the visitors, what kind of vacations they want. On this beautiful island you can find many spots such beaches, mountain, waterfall, water park, doing sea activities, and also natural tourism. People who loves doing sea activities such diving, snorkeling, or surfing will try to find beach. But if you are the type of people who love to see and enjoy natural tourism, there are some options such waterfall, mountain and also rice-fields. In Ubud, Balinese island there is amazing terracing applied in rice fields called Tegalalang. This place is famous among the tourists who love natural scenery and enjoying cool and beautiful nuance. The natural panorama can be seen from a distance and they will enhance your feeling. The location of Tegalalang Rice Terrace is having easy access. It is located on Tegalalang street, Gianyar Regency. And the rice terrace can be seen from the road.

Activities You Can Do In Tegalalang

There are some activities you can do on this beautiful place as below

Playing kites

Playing kites is the thing that usually done by children but might be try for you too on this place. Please choose correct location with good wind condition so your kites will be fly so high and stable. The best time to play this one is on afternoon. The wind condition will be stronger on afternoon. You might be remember the time when you did on your past as a kid.

Culinary Tasting

There are several restaurants on the edge of this rice terrace that having Balinese food that you can enjoy. The most famous food in Balinese island is Betutu chicken. This tasty food you can enjoy perfected with best panorama view surrounding the rice terrace.

TegalalangFlying Drone

The newest technology that usually used by traveler is drone. This device can help you to take pictures and video to make your memories unforgettable. The spacious area of rice terrace, surrounding by fresh green nuance and cool atmosphere will be perfecting your video result.

Buying Balinese Souvenirs

There is must thing to do during your traveling time, buying souvenirs for your families and friends. In Balinese island, especially on tegalalang rice terrace, there are some gift shops provides you Balinese gifts such decoration, fashion or even furniture.

Main Attractions of Tegalalang

After knowing the things that you can do in Tegalalang rice terrace, you need to make plan and have free time to visit this place. Besides those points above, here we gives you information about what is the main attractions on this beautiful place

Educational tour

By visiting this place, not only enjoying natural scenery surround this place but you can also get education of about how to plant this rice at the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. The farmer from local people will show you the whole processes,  and how to do it starts from the first process.

Beautiful natural tourism

The first thing you will get visiting this place is the beautiful natural scenery and cool atmosphere around this terrace. Not only offering the rice-fields, there are also residential areas that can be seen from the other side of the cliff that being second dish on this tour.

Several photo spots

If Bali’s photo usually about beaches, mountain or waterfall, different thing may you find here. You can add your collections by having amazing pictures such take pictures from the rice-fields, or using the high palm trees or coconut trees as your background pictures. People with hobby photography should come to this feel to add their collection enhanced with enjoying mesmerizing nuance of this place.

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