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Bali Airport Preparation After the Announcement of Opening International Flights

Visa4bali – Bali Airport Preparation. On October 14, 2021, the government has decided to reopen the doors of the Indonesian state to foreign tourists. The Indonesian government’s decision to reopen international flights on the island of Bali was positively welcomed by tourism industry players. In this case, the government is asked to be consistent in implementing a layered prevention system to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Currently, many hotels and resorts where tourists stay have implemented this layered prevention system to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 virus.

Even though it is considered quite complicated, people still obey the existing health protocol regulations. Because everyone wants to have safe way for their trip. Not only hotels that need to prepare themselves by preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus after the doors of Indonesia are reopened for foreign tourists, but the airport in Bali, namely international flights at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, is also making their preparations.

bali airport preparationBali Airport Preparation After Indonesia’s Doors Have Been Opened

International flights are now opened for foreign nationals who want to enter Indonesian territory via Bali. It should be noted that foreigners or foreign tourists must get a complete dose of vaccination (vaccine dose 2), and have a departure more than two weeks after the second injection is carried out. Prospective visitors, namely foreign nationals or tourists from that country must also have negative RT-PCR results both before departure and after arrival.

After that, tourists are required to continue to apply strict health protocols even though the PCR results have been declared with negative result. If they have arrived in Indonesia and the PCR test is declared negative and has been fully vaccinated, the foreign tourist needs to do quarantine for 5 days from the day of arrival. However, if the PCR test is positive, the foreign tourist must quarantine for 14 days. During the quarantine process, foreign tourists or foreign nationals are not allowed to leave their rooms, private villas, ships or places where they are quarantined. And all costs incurred during quarantine will be carried out independently and not financed by the Indonesian government.

In accordance with the previous article, it has been informed that there are total of 19 countries are allowed to enter Indonesia through the island of Bali. But in fact, until the time when Bali’s airport was opened, no foreign nationals had entered. This was because the airline had little time to socialize to potential tourists, they also needed time to disseminate information to customers.

By opening the doors of the Indonesian state to foreign citizens, it is hoped that it will restore economic conditions in Indonesia. The Indonesian government cannot continue to only focus on the health sector, but there is another important sector that also needs attention, thats the economy sector. Moreover, the island of Bali, as it is known that the main income of this island comes from the tourism side.

bali airport preparation

Many people responded positively to this because they had also been waiting for this good news to be announced by the government. Because in the last 2 years, Bali’s economic condition has been in a state of drastic decline. As a result, many people lost their jobs and found it difficult to survive. By this action from the government, it is hoped that it will bring back hope for many people.

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