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Economic Bali Conditions On Tourism Sectors During Pandemic Era

Bali Visa Info – Balinese island during covid19 pandemic is such a nightmare. The income of this island mostly comes from the tourism sectors. Meanwhile due to the covid19 pandemic, the state doesn’t allow foreigners to come to Indonesia for tourism. Even though there are new rules that allowing foreigners to stay in this country, but still not many people are interested in doing so. Lots of people concern on their health by keep staying at home and not coming to tourist destinations due to the main rule in this pandemic is to keep the distance. That is why economy Bali conditions at this time is having decreasing numbers significantly. For your information, Bali island getting the local revenue mostly comes from the tourism sectors and more than 70% of it comes from this sector. Other sectors such as agriculture support the Bali’s government about 10% to 15%. You can imagine how economy Bali condition is currently due to impact of pandemic covid19. There are more than 50 million of workers getting the impact of pandemic covid19 in the world that working on the tourism sectors. And in Asia having more than 30 million of tourism workers that feeling the pandemic impact.

Economic Bali Indonesian Government Programs To Face Pandemic Era

Not only Bali’s government, even Indonesian government is trying so hard to face these difficult conditions and helps people to keep survive in this conditions. Together they made several strategies for continuing and making Bali tourism return to normal with several strategies as below

  • Mass vaccination program by prioritizing tourism actors and elderly as government’s priority. This program is collaboration between PHRI and health of ministry by having target more than 50% of the total approximately 4 million of Bali inhabitants to be vaccinated. This program hoping to helps the residence to keep safe and healthy during this pandemic era.

  • There is a proposal for grant funds to the Ministry of Finance in stages and it is proposed that the second wave of grant funds is larger than the first wave. This program is intended not only for hotels and restaurants, but also for other industries such as travel management and others.

  • The proposal to hold the FCC-Free covid corridor is in accordance with the ASEAN economic recovery agenda with the concept of the Asean Free Travel Arrangement.

  • Labor-intensive program to tourist villages from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

  • The initial opening of the international tourist/border for 3 green zone areas such as Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud as a pilot project.

Economic BaliBy having those programs, Bali’s governments and Indonesian government hopes that tourism sectors can recover gradually and comeback giving strong economic support for Balinese island. At this time, tourism sectors workers are trying to expand their creativity and innovation based on their skills they had. They know that covid19 was teach them to be strong and keep survive in the hardest time. The tourism economic predicts that conditions can be recover estimation on 2023.

For the last point above, it is mention that the green areas on 3 destinations such as Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud will be opened as the pilot project of tourism. This is very good thing reminding that those 3 areas belongs to main tourist attraction on Balinese island. The foreign source of Balinese island is supported by its customs, traditions, arts and the local wisdom. We must support Balinese island to continue preserve and develop them as synergy with other sectors on Bali island. All of part in Balinese island that usually supports Bali’s government expected to be recover soon. Let’s hoping the pandemic covid19 gone soon, and we can comeback to our amazing beach in this island!

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