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6 Wedding Organizer With International Bali Wedding Concept

Visa4bali – Marriage is a sacred thing that is everyone’s dream. Everyone has a wish for their own wedding party that they will make it happen. The island of Bali is one of the places that many people go to to hold a wedding. There have been so many couples who have held their wedding parties on the island of Bali, whether in the concept of a traditional Balinese wedding or with the concept of an international Balinese wedding. In Bali there are many hotels or venues that offer extraordinary decorations for weddings ranging from indoor to outdoor events.

bali weddingWedding preparation is a very complicated and complicated thing, takes a lot of time to think and invites stress. There are so many things that need to be prepared before holding your best event that you will have once in a lifetime. Wedding preparations will usually take months, and not only one party you have to contact during preparation, but various vendors.

To help you relieve stress and make it easier for you to prepare for your dream wedding, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a wedding organizer. If you are going to hold a wedding in Bali, here we summarize information about the famous wedding organizers in Bali

Bali VIP Wedding

This WO has been around since 2004 and has served various clients with many wedding concepts ranging from weddings that use local to international concepts. They will collaborate on an upscale banquet by prioritizing the privacy of each bride and groom. WO is very professional with the concept of intimate wedding. So if you want to have a wedding with an intimate concept, you can contact them.

Easy Indonesian Wedding

Easy Indonesia wedding is a wo that has the concept of intimate & destination wedding, and is based in Jakarta and Bali. There have been many couples who have hired their services by using a celebration formation with a landscape background that is so enchanting. The prices they offer are quite affordable, and usually they will make destination wedding a trend which is currently a trend. So you will be guaranteed an unforgettable and memorable celebratory experience!

Thematic Wedding

Wo, this one carries the concept of outdoor and Chinese weddings. Thematic wedding organizers hold the principle of realizing every couple’s dream wedding, they put themselves in the perception of every couple. For this reason, it is not impossible for this woman to make every moment of the event a very special moment that holds its own meaning.

Riviera Event Organizer

This wedding organizer was originally established in Surabaya since 2005, but now they have spread their wings to Bali, Jakarta and Manado. This wedding organizer has various wedding concepts ranging from international weddings, Chinese weddings, indoor / outdoor weddings to intimate and big weddings. Their ability has been trusted by many people in translating the wishes of every prospective bride and groom very well.

Amora Bali Weddings

Amora Bali weddings offers the concept of collaboration between intimate and destination weddings. They have more than six years of experience in handling events and have many relationships with the best vendors in Bali. Not only intimate and destination weddings, Amora weddings have other concepts such as traditional, outdoor, and religious weddings.

Bali Eve Wedding & Event Planner

Weddings aren’t always about trending, having your own wedding plans and the celebration you want is nothing wrong, and this wedding organizer can help you make it happen. There are already couples who hold weddings on the beach and are intimate. Now, this Bali Eve Wedding & Wedding event has the concept of beachfront weddings, intimate & outdoor weddings, traditional weddings, religious weddings and also vow renewal.

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