3 Amazing Hotels in Uluwatu Bali For Your Special Moment

Visa4bali – hotels in uluwatu. Choosing location for wedding ceremony or location to celebrate a wedding has always been an interesting thing for every couple around the world. Bali is one of places that is a target for bridal couples to become a sacred place as proof of taking their wedding vows. There have been many artists or rich people from all over the world who have chosen the Bali as place to hold their wedding.

One of the choice destinations is resort or luxury hotel located on the edge of a cliff. The location of the cliff edge always has its own charm, you will be able to enjoy firsthand how amazing the view of the vast sea enhanced by the beautiful blue sky, especially while enjoying the view and atmosphere of the sunrise or sunset. A very perfect moment for your special day later, right?

Well, before you decide where you will hold your special moment later, you need to find sources of information about the beautiful locations in Bali. This time we will provide information about luxury hotels in the Uluwau area. You can use this information as reference to celebrate your special moment later. Please see below 3 super cool hotels in uluwatu for your weddings

3 Super Cool Hotels in Uluwatu

hotels in uluwatuAnantara Uluwatu

This hotel was built with a modern concept, the interior of this place specifically uses an open space concept with glass walls. Visitors will be able to enjoy the beautiful sea view directly from the room. The private pool facilities in this place will also perfect your days to be able to soak while enjoying the rolls of the high seas.

The restaurant in this place is very famous for its romantic atmosphere. You can enjoy delicious world-class dishes while enjoying the sunset view from the top of the cliff. Imagine your wedding party will be surrounded by a romantic atmosphere like this, truly an unforgettable moment. Additionally, the location of Anatara Uluwatu is close to one of the beaches with the best waves in the world, Padang-Padang beach. This hotel is very famous among the upper class because the facilities inside are so cool and amazing.

The Edge Bali

Everything in this place will make you feel like a princess and a prince. An artist from China held her wedding at The Edge Bali! This place has a very beautiful sea view and makes people mesmerized. The villa here has a private pool and butler service. This is provided by The Edge Bali with the aim of providing the best service while you are here. You will definitely get comfort and unforgettable moments if you stay here.

hotels in uluwatuKarma Kandara

This place is one of the super cool hotels in Bali. How come?! This hotel is built on the cliff of the peninsula hill, and has a private beach that is still very beautiful and the scenery around here is so beautiful to see. The only access to reach the beach is by gondola owned by Karma Kandara.

That’s really cool! The location of this hotel is hidden from the city center, but you will feel like you have a private beach here. There is a fine dining restaurant serving world-class food that will be even more delicious combined with the incredible views around this place. Karma Kandara also provides body care services so you can release your stress and fatigue before the wedding. Everything for you to make your special day is available here.

Currently, the latest condition of the Indonesian state has allowed foreign nationals to enter Indonesian territory through the island of Bali and the Riau archipelago. So it’s time for you to plan your delayed wedding while enjoying your honeymoon with your partner on the island of Bali.

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