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What You Can Do In Amed Beach

Visa4Bali – Amed Beach. Bali island has thousand reasons for the tourists to visit. This island offering not only nature scenery, beach or playing area for kids but also having other sea activities such snorkeling, diving, paragliding, rafting and many more. Due to Bali island has their own history, you can find sacred place in this island so that can made you learn about Bali’s cultures. Combinations among the arts, cultures, beach and also natural scenery made this place perfect for the tourists spending their holidays. In this article, we will inform about what you can do in one of the place in Bali called Amed beach.

Not only having fun with enjoying the sunrise and sunset, but you can do other sea activities in this beach. This place is still unfamiliar for your ears due to it’s still one of the hidden sites and not many people knows this place. For you who wants to find good place for diving or snorkeling, as information from the local people, this place is quite famous.

Amed located on the east side of Bali island, in the Amed Karangasem village. It is long enough if you’ll start your journey from International Airport of Ngurah Rai, will take about 3 – 4 hours or 102 kilometers. But don’t worry, a lot of hotel and resort can be found here. It can be suit with your budget because they’re offering the staying price starts from cheap to expensive.

What Amed Beach Have For Your Holidays

Here another things offered in Amed for you to spend your holidays

amed beach

Enjoying the beauty of underwater world

The most popular tourist activity while visiting beach is diving or snorkeling. In Amed beach, you can see the beauty of underwater world by doing diving and snorkeling in several spots. So many rental place offering diving and snorkeling tools at beach side.

Feel the calm of countryside

Do you feel hustle and bustle of the city and want to be alone in place that gives you calm, quiet, but still beauty? Amed beach can be your answer. The nature atmosphere, cool air and also having fun in quiet place will be perfect to make your stress gone. This place will recharge your energy and made you feel fresh in the next day!

amed beach

Enjoying the beauty of sunrise and sunset

The activity that must be done in beach is about enjoying sunrise and sunset. In Amed beach, sunrise feels amazing because the beauty of the morning looks by presence of the sunrise on the eastern horizon. And it will be enhanced by the beauty of the sunset behind the splendor of Mount Agung.

Having tour to several tourist destinations closed to Amed

If you’ve decided to take vacations in this place, you need to make plan having tour to another tourist spots closed to Amed beach. Some area that having good place such Tirta Gangga, Sukasada park, Puri Karangasem, Virgin beach, some of tree house attractions including the Batu Dawa tree house.

Have fishing tours at Amed

Amed beach is also known as a village for fishermen. The fresh fish in the East Bali area are mostly supplied from the catches of fishermen from the Amed area. As time goes by, this area grows up became tourist destinations and offering the visitors trying to be fisherman by serving tourists who like fishing tours. Besides looking beautiful, the rows of fishing boats on the Amed beach, are ready to take, explore you to popular fishing spots in the Amed area by experienced fishing boatmen.

Due to there are still not many people knowing the location of this beach, this place is still relatively quiet so it is very suitable to spend your vacation with a calm atmosphere. Try to visit here while you are in Bali island yaa!

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