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What Can Be Found On Singaraja Tour

Bali Visa Info – If you are going to have a plan for your trip and choosing Bali island as your options, but only knowing areas of Sanur, Kuta and Seminyak, then you need to do some research on Which city is the best for a great holiday on Bali island! You might be interested with the travel ideas of Singaraja tour for your vacation.

Singaraja is the capital of Buleleng Regency and located in North Bali. If you are a traveler who has time for more than 2 days or even a week, and then this place can be right destination for your vacation. Same as other tourist destinations on Bali island, this place also offers the beauty of nature,  historical and cultural Bali, and also family vacations that won’t make you bored with this place during  your vacation. If you are tourists who interest to visit areas in the north side of Bali, here we’ve made a list for you about right places on Singaraja for your vacation


  • Gitgit waterfall

    The fist natural tourism that you can visit on Singaraja is Gitgit waterfall. The location is about 11 km from the city of Singaraja. There are so many spots that having instragammable landscape such as rice fields, clove gardens and coffee plantations. The nuances and panoramas surrounds this place will make you feel relax and refresh. This waterfall has 35km height and you can do interesting activities such as take pictures and enjoying the natural scenery or even swimming on the pool which made from nature.

  • The Peak of Wanagiri

    If you are someone who calls yourself a millennial and likes to take selfies, then this tourist spot is perfect for you. Do you know why? This place has super cool spots for photography by having bird cages, swings, platforms, and much more. This peak is located on Sukasada village, Buleleng. After touching this place, you can enjoy beautiful scenery from nature from the top of Wanagiri peak.

  • Banjar Hot Springs

    There are 3 pools that offers showers so you can feel the massage from hot water. That pools are containing sulfur with different depths. For your information, sulfur contains content that be able to cure skin diseases, bone diseases and also it can refresh your body from sluggish. Besides having relaxing your body and mind, this place can make your body can be healthier as well.

  • Lovina Beach

    You can also find beach on your Singaraja tour, especially for you with family vacation ideas. This beach is about 11 km from the city of Singaraja and has beautiful attractions from the dolphin. If you are planning to see the dolphin, then you need to rent a boat and get ready to the sea before sunrise. This beach is also offers beautiful under water world and belongs to quite beach so that pretty nice for you to do swimming as well.

  • Yeh Sanih

    This place has historical story. It is said that if there is a couple soaks together in the Yeh Sanih pool, then their relationship will be last forever. Hinduism are also taking the water from this pool as their ceremonial tools. Besides enjoying swimming on natural pool, you may learn and know the Balinese cultures on this place!

  • Lake of Tamblingan

    Other ways to calm your mind is about visiting lake of tamblingan. The natural scenery surrounds this place can be your cures for your bored and tired feeling. Some of tourists are make this place as their camping destination with their community due to the location is free from the pollution.

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