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Welcome Dance, Puspanjali Dance

puspanjali dance
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Visa Bali Info – Puspanjali Dance

The beauty of Bali does not need to be doubted. Natural beauty, Has a variety of recreational areas, lodging on an international scale, even arts and culture that can be well received by travelers.

Art and culture in Bali is deeply rooted in its people, no wonder if you are in Bali you feel like every day there is an event.

The event in question is like a traditional ceremony, even if it is only a tooth, the traditional ceremony must still be carried out.

In art itself, Bali has so many varieties of art that are born from its culture. Like the art of dance that is well known to foreign countries, namely the art of the Kecak dance.

But this time we try to discuss dances other than Kecak, namely the welcome dance or better known as the Puspanjali dance. Check it out!

The Origin of Puspanjali Dance

Like many traditional dances in Bali, the Puspanjali dance is part of a traditional dance which is the creation of N.L.N Swasthi Wijaya Badem.

N.L.N Swasthi Wijaya Badem was one of the most famous artists at that time. This dance itself was created 33 years ago, precisely in 1989.

This dance itself was created at the request of Mrs. Titik Suharto who at that time was used as the opening dance in a congress performance at Pertamina Cotage, Kuta, Bali.

Puspanjali Dance Story

puspanjali dance
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As explained above, the origin of this dance is a dance that was born from the request of Mrs. Titik Suharto at that time to be the opening dance in the Pertamina Cotage congress performance in Kuta, Bali.

This dance is used as an opening dance to welcome the participants and invited guests at the sporting event.

In the process, it turns out that this dance is the result of a collaboration between artist N.L.N Swasti Wijaya Badem and a well-known artist in Bali, namely Mr. I Nyoman Winda. Mr. I Nyoman Winda at that time had the task of arranging the dance accompaniment.

Both were trusted by Mrs. Titik Suharto to create a unique dance that was creative and had a short duration. The duration given is approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

From the collaboration of the two famous artists, in the end they succeeded in creating a distinctive dance as an entertainment for the guests which was later named Puspanjali Dance.

Part of the Puspanjali Dance Structure

All of the dance elements in Puspanjali dance have a relationship between ideas and concepts so that they become a complete whole that complements each other.

The structure of the Puspanjali dance itself includes:

Pespson, this structure is the beginning of the Puspanjali Dance in the form of music played before the start of the dance.

Pengawak, the structure after pespson where the gending is played which is a composition of slow and soft music.

The pusher, this section is a structure that displays the movements of the Puspanjali Dance with a slow and slow tempo.

Pekaad, in this section the Puspanjali Dance starts to have a fast tempo and then the tempo returns slowly which indicates that the Puspanjali Dance will end or end soon.

Have a Distinctive Dress

puspanjali dance
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As in other traditional dances, the Puspanjali dance has a unique dress for the dancers.

If you pay attention, the dancers who perform this dance dress almost the same as other traditional Balinese dances.

The clothing worn is tapih which is placed at the bottom and then sheathed. Then there are plain staples of the same color used for tapih and prada cloth that is sheathed.

Then for the hair of the dancers, they are brushed with a pusung lunguguh magonjer.

After that, decorations are given that reads loosely with the addition of colors that match the clothes worn by the dancers.

So traditional isn’t it, when you are in Bali and happen to be watching a show, you will definitely be presented with this Puspanjali dance.

There are so many interesting things in Bali for you to explore, right, happy holidays.

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