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Places To Perfect Your Holidays in Uluwatu

Are you planning to have vacations with your beloved family in Bali island? There is one popular place you should come with your family to spend your precious holidays. Uluwatu is offering best panorama of Indian Ocean that difficult to find in another part of Bali island. There are iconic places such Uluwatu temple and marine culinary tourism in Jimbaran Bay. Besides them, another interesting activities can be done in Uluwatu, Bali island. Do you wanna know those places so you can try to visit them? Here we have collected the information for you,

  1. Suluban Beach

    Suluban beach is famous among the tourists became most favorite beach for doing surfing. This is because this beach has heavy waves that perfecting surfing activity. You will find beautiful scenery around this beach enhanced with white sands and rocks. Same as another beach, the view of sunset and sunrise at this beach are also perfect. If you’d like to try surfing but don’t have the tools for it, do not worry. There are places who rents out surfing tools at this beach so you can rent them.


  2. Uluwatu Temple

    The next popular destination is Uluwatu temple. The temple was built in the edge of cliffs that located on beach side. This made the view around uluwatu temple is very beautiful. There is information mentions that Uluwatu temple has 3 different cliffs and one of them is special for enjoying sunset. Local people and Hinduism believes that Uluwatu temple is support of the 9 winds and place to worship the holy priest. Anyway, not only sunset you can find in this place but you can also enjoy the sunrise in here. Besides them, you’ll also enjoy the iconic traditional dance in Bali called ‘Kecak Dance’ in here, and please come around 5 PM if you’d like to see the perform.

  3. GWK Cultural Park

    The cultural park of GWK became famous because this is one of the biggest statue at this time. The statue is about 120 meters height. This cultural park was located in Ungasan village, South Kuta, Badung, Bali. You need to use shuttle bus to reach this place, unless you have no problem with long way of journey. You can enjoy the biggest statue and take photo around here, and also there is Kecak Dance same as dancing in Uluwatu temple. Not only Kecak dance you can enjoy, but there is Ramayana dance in this cultural park as well. The dancing show will be held on 6.30 PM Bali’s time for the Kecak dance, and then the ramayana is 1.5 hours after it. In this cultural park, there is Museum that teach you how to create statue you may visit.

  4. Tegal Wangi Beach

    Do you wanna add aesthetic pictures to your collections photo? Tegal Wangi beach is quiet beach because the location is difficult to be reached. The parking area access is steep and also the access road itself is a natural staircase from the rock. The view around this beach is beautiful same as another beaches in Bali island. White sands beach or beautiful sunset in the end of the day will be best buddies for you spending your holidays.

  5. Malini Agropark

    Malini Agropark is suitable for you who wants to enjoy natural scenery on a cliff. In this agropark, you may take pictures or swimming at large swimming pool as well.


  6. Dreamland Beach

    Besides Suluban beach, another good place to do surfing is dreamland beach. This place having white sands beach, clear water, and you can do another interesting activities such sunbathing, take photos, or enjoying the beautiful sunset.

  7. Karang Boma Cliff

    This Karang Boma cliff is place for you to enjoy natural scenery and beautiful sunset. In this place those beautiful combinations you can get if you visits this place. You can also enjoying beautiful spots surrounding the cliff.

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