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Visit Amazing Bali Art Centre

Bali Visa Info – Bali art has always offers mesmerizing things. All of tourism such as beaches, waterfall, lake, river and of course something that makes Bali has its own characteristics, namely art and culture. So many popular beach and its sea activities are loved by many people around the world. And it is not forget that the Balinese arts and cultures has their own space in tourist’s heart. People who come to visit this beautiful island are mostly to have good time for vacation and also to learn and see amazing Bali art and culture. Bali art and culture has so many fans from all around the world, they are proofing by visiting this beautiful island every year.

If you are someone who love about traditional things about Bali or you guys loving Bali art, there is a great placed called Bali Art Centre: Park of Werdhi Budaya that located on Denpasar. On this place, you may see Balinese art that showed in everyday and free or charge. This place was built by having purpose to be a place for art performances and also a place to develop the artistic talents from Balinese people. Every year, precisely in June to July, there is always Bali Art Festival in this amazing place. You may see lots of arts from Bali island that performed by great artists from this beautiful island. This event has been around since 1979 and was built by the first governor of Bali island. The opening festival is usually carried out by the Indonesia president or ministerial level state officials for every year until now.

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So many audiences are very interesting to see the performances at this place. Actually this bali art centre is an area with 4 complex buildings that located in the area which a river divides from east to west. Here are the 4 complex of them

  • The Holy Complex which includes temple of Beji Park, Bale Selonding, Bale pepaosan and etc

  • The quiet complex includes the Widya Kusuma Library

  • The semi-crowded complex includes Mahudara Exhibition Building, Kriya Building, Sculpture Studio, Wisma Seni, wantilan

  • The bustling complex includes the Ardha Candra Open Stage & the Ksirarnawa Closed Stage (both are located south of the river)

Bali Art Centre Location

The location of Bali Art Centre is in the middle city of Denpasar, Bali island. It is about 18 kilometers more than less from the International Airport of Ngurah Rai and if you take a ride it will be around 30 minutes journey without having congestion. If you are planning to visit here, we suggest you to rent a car completed with the driver. Do you know why? Because it is more cheap compare to use taxi when you are spending time on Bali island. Other than just seeing the performances in this place, if you rent a car with the driver, he can accompany you to move around other tourist attractions in the Denpasar area. By having this, then you don’t need to think where you gonna park your car or thinking the congestion that happened in Denpasar. You know, when the holiday’s coming, there will be so many cars and other vehicles passing by the streets. So this will really help you either in terms of saving your budget, and also help you enjoy the trip more without having to think about finding another way in the middle of the congestion of Denpasar city.

For you who’d like to visit this amazing place, the operating hours for this place is starts from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm and it is opened everyday. Feel the amazing nuances surrounding this place during your time in here!

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