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Visa Problems That Might Happen in Bali Island

visa baliVisa4Bali Info – Visa is a mandatory and most important thing to take care before visiting a country. For your information, there are countries having visa-free entry to Indonesia. How lucky the citizen is, isn’t? But if your country doesn’t have that facility, you need to apply visa in all country before you entering them. This is also workable in Bali island, you need to apply visa to enter Bali whether for holiday trip or business reasons. Foreigners who want to stay in Bali island for more than 30 days need to apply this. Most of tourists are using Bali visa agency to take care of their documentations for arrival. But thing you must know, at this time there are a lot of fake agencies and this is why you need to be careful when choosing the agency that will help you to reach this beautiful island. The high numbers of foreigners who want to stay in Bali and made them decided to stay on this island even for working or living with families on this amazing island. Its such a dream came true, isn’t? We’d like to suggest you to use our service about taking care of your visa. Why? Because we have over 8 years of experience serving tourists with their needs of documentation during their time in Bali island.

Visa Problems in Bali Island

In this chance, we would like to inform you issues that foreigners might have caused by the fake agencies. This is really important for you to know, do you know why? Because if you are get in the same trouble, you might have penalty or even worst is deportation.

  • Proposing wrong kind of Visa

    Your agency need to know what kind of Visa you need as long as you stay in this beautiful island. Many problems happened because the agency did wrong on proposing visa due to their limit knowledge of visa and immigration. You need to know that Bali’s immigration is getting tighter now.

  • Do not know the VoA details

    Voa is Visa on arrival. You need to have this as quick as you arrive to the airport. If the airport doesn’t released this visa for you, big possibility you can’t enter Bali island. You won’t need this unless your country belongs to the country with visa-free entry facility. So please make sure your agency knowing your Voa details to avoid failed entering Indonesia or Bali.

  • Not returned passport

    So many cases found that foreigners don’t received their passport back. Good agency will always returning your passport after everything’s done. But there is agency who didn’t do this. Please make sure you choose good and trusted visa agency for yours.


Most of foreigners came to Bali island are for enjoying holidays, but there is also foreigners who came for their business. For having holiday usually people came with their family or their kids. But for business reasons, people will just come alone. But in order to get smooth ways, you don’t want your visits to Bali island will have problems, won’t you? It is better to give your trust to Visa agencies in Bali like us who have more than 8 years experience. We are cooperate with immigration office directly, and this is might help you to believe more to us because we will give you reasonable price.

We visa4bali is trusted visa agency that can help you to take care of your Visa. We also have service for visa extension, and you can contact us by chat. Our customer service will respond to you anytime because we have 24hours online customer service.

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