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Vacation With Green Panorama in Sidemen Village Bali

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Visa Bali Info – Sidemen is a sub-district in Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Its area is 35.15 km² (Wikipedia).

The Sidemen area is a mountainous area with cool air. This district is dominated by panoramic views of mountains, hills, fields and verdant rice fields.

This sidemen sub-district is divided into 10 villages, namely Kertha Buana Village, Lokasari Village, Sangkan Gunung Village, Sidemen Village, Sinduwati Village, Talibeng Village, Tangkup Village, Telaga Tawang Village, Tri Eka Buana Village, and Wisma Kerta Village.

When you are on vacation here, you will really be presented with a full green panorama of Balinese nature in this Karangasem area.

There are 6 interesting tours when you are in this sidemen village, including ;

Sidemen Village Is A Typical Balinese Songket Producer

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Sidemen village is famous as a center for producing Balinese songket cloth or also known as Songket Sidemen. This songket cloth is not only used by local residents for religious ceremonies, it is also in great demand by foreign tourists. Moreover, now sidemen songket cloth has been used as other processed products such as bags and wallets.

Cepik Area

Cepik is the name of an area located in Banjar Tabola, Sidemen village. In Cepik, tourists can see the beauty of the towering Bukit Sangkan Gunung Temple and Mount Agung. The expanse of terraced rice fields also adds to the beauty of this area.

There is a Villa and Art Shop in Cepik, the art shop here sells songket cloth, even in this art shop, visitors can see the process of making sidemen songket cloth directly.

If you want to enjoy the countryside, you can find villas here for rent.

Petemon Sanggem Temple

At Petemon Temple, located in Banjar Sanggem, Sangkan Gunung Village, we are presented with a natural view with rice fields and very beautiful mountains.

Unlike the cepik where we see the natural beauty from below, it is at Petemon Temple that we see the natural scenery from a height or from the top of a hill.

We can see the natural scenery in the eastern sidemen sub-district with a wide expanse of rice fields bordered by the verdant Dwangga mountain.

Banjar Dukuh-Ogang Rice Fields

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Most of the people in Sidemen sub-district work in the agricultural sector, so that in Sidemen there are many rice fields that are still done traditionally.

Because the Sidemen area is mostly mountainous, therefore the rice fields in Sidemen are in the form of terraces (steps).

One of the spots to see terraced rice fields in Sidemen is in Banjar Dukuh-Ogang. To see a very beautiful panorama, come during the rice planting season.

Bukit Sangkan Gunung Temple

Sangkan Gunung Temple is located in Sangkan Gunung Village. To reach this temple, you have to climb stairs which are about 200 steps.

From the hill temple area, we can see the natural beauty of Sidemen from a height. If you look to the north, you will see a panoramic view of the towering majestic mountain and if you face east you can see the natural scenery and settlements of the residents of Sidemen village with Mount Dwangga as the background.

Sidemen Swing

Sidemen also has an adrenaline-pumping tourist spot, namely a super high swing called the Sidemen Swing.

This is a new tourist spot in Sidemen. In addition, here there is also a civet coffee agrotourism which is very famous for its very delicious taste.


The expansive green atmosphere and the friendliness of the residents, will make your holiday in Bali so soothing to the soul.

Even if you bring your family and children, here you can introduce your children to farming, gardening and songket making.

In addition to a calming place full of beauty, the sidemen village area is definitely very instagramable, right? So, happy holidays in the village of sidemen, guys..

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