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Unique Resto With Saltwater Pool, Mrs Sippy Bali

Visa Bali Info – Mrs Sippy Bali

If you are in Bali to spend your healing period, try to skip the Seminyak area.

When you visit the Seminyak area and are looking for a unique cafe or restaurant, you can visit Mrs Sippy.

Mrs Sippy is a restaurant or cafe or it can be said that a beach club offers the best healing place. The uniqueness of Mrs Sippy is having a pool with salt water.

The uniqueness of Mrs Sippy

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Mrs Sippy’s restaurant and cafe which opened in April 2017 has an interesting concept, besides having a pool with salt water, this restaurant also has the concept of an atmosphere like on the beach.

Even though it’s not really on the “beach”, even though there’s no breeze like on the beach, you don’t need to worry because there are still many things that are ready to spoil your eyes without having to be confused or worry about feeling bored.

Mrs Sippy Background

Mrs Sippy is actually a famous restaurant and bar in Sydney. Since most foreign tourists come from Australia, the manager decided to set up a branch in Bali. With a variety of fun facilities for both young people and families.

Mrs Sippy Seminyak’s restaurant is managed by Australian businessmen named Andew Stanway and Ben May. One of the ideas of making a swimming pool with salt water is because of its location close to Seminyak beach.

Mrs Sippy Place Design

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The restaurant here is very uniquely designed. With a semi-open concept and located close to the swimming pool. With white walls and brown furniture, this restaurant has a comfortable and homey atmosphere. And at night, the atmosphere of this restaurant and cafe will be crowded with music from the DJ.

Mrs Sippy Seminyak’s Restaurant Menu

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Mrs Sippy’s mainstay menu is pizza where this pizza is cooked by a reliable chef from Sydney. In addition to the pizza snack menu, there are other menus such as shrimp prawn, octopus blackpepper and many others. While drinks are available mojitos, smoothies, squash to cocktails and mocktails.

Activities You Can Do While You’re at Mrs Sippy

You can swim in Mrs Sippy Bali’s private pool for healing from a tired mind. There are the best diving spots ready to pamper the adrenaline of travelers while playing in Mrs Sippy Seminyak’s swimming pool.

Here you can also enjoy live music and hunting photography to get the best photos in this place. Here you can also enjoy the culinary menu provided by Mrs. Sippy.

Mrs Sippy’s Facilities

  • Spacious tourist vehicle parking area
  • Mrs Sippy Bali information center
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Mini Bar
  • Various kinds of interesting events
  • Instagenic photo spots
  • Tourist seat
  • Gazebo
  • Live Music
  • Sofa chairs and much more

Location and Hours of Operation

Address :

Jalan Taman Ganesha, Gang Gagak 8, Seminyak, Bali.

Operational hour :

Every day from 12.00 to 00.00 WITA

Ticket price

When you want to come on vacation to Mrs. Sippy Bali, the entry ticket price is Rp. 100,000/person. HTM Mrs Sippy Seminyak Bali beach club can change at any time depending on the event being held.

Visiting Tips

Prepare for your holiday trip to Mrs. Sippy Seminyak, Bali with some interesting tips below:

  • Visit Mrs. Sippy Beach Club Seminyak Bali with friends, friends and loved ones to make it even more exciting.
  • Prepare more money to enjoy the best spots and facilities from Mrs Sippy Bali Beach Club.
  • Bring a change of clothes to play in the water in the private pool to prepare a camera for hunting photography at Mrs Sippy Bali.


Experience an anti-mainstream holiday trip in Bali by exploring the spot offerings offered by Mrs Sippy Bali.

Take note of this Mrs Sippy Seminyak Bali destination to accompany hangout activities and hang out with loved ones.

Hopefully a little discussion about Mrs Sippy above can be your reference material while on vacation.

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