Ubud’s New Tourist Attraction, Dedari Park

Dedari Park

Visa Bali Info – Ubud’s New Tourist Attraction, Dedari Park

The beauty of Bali really will never run out to be discussed or even spent on holidays.

The Covid pandemic almost 3 years ago had paralyzed tourism in Bali. As we know, it is the limitation of individual interaction that makes all sectors affected by the outbreak.

Even so, who would have thought that Dedari Park would be introduced after the pandemic subsided. Then what kind of attractions are in Dedari Park, see the article about Dedari Park below.

Dedari Park or Angel Park

Standing on an area of ​​1.5 hectares, on the edge of the Ayung river which is popular as a place for recreational rafting in the tourism area of ​​Ubud.

At first Taman Dedari was a restaurant that had a strategic location in the middle of green nature with beautiful and neatly arranged gardens and the existence of an iconic angel statue.

It is this icon that makes this park called Dedari Park. The word dedari itself means an angel. The name is taken from the legend of Rishi Markandeya who saw an angel descending on the Ayung River, not far from Dedari Park. This tourist spot officially opened on January 9, 2021. Visitors can see a large angel statue in Dedari Park.

Dedari Park itself has the concept of leisure, dining, and events. Then the activities that you can do at Dedari Ubud Park are as follows ;

1. Group photo of the statues

It has a total of 50 statues with 10 statues measuring about 10 meters high, there are also four medium-sized statues with a height of five to six meters.

Because this tourist location is close to the Ayung tourist attraction, there are also 42 small statues built along the Ayung River.

In this 1.5 hectare land, you can use it to take pictures. Taking in various corners of the garden that are soothing to the eye.

Even the current location of Dedari Park has also been used as a pre-wedding photo spot for prospective brides.

2. Culinary tour

Dedari Park
Ig by @tamandedari

Besides being famous for its statues, Dedari Park also has a restaurant that serves Balinese specialties.

With the mainstay menu, Dedari Crispy Duck combined with rice and urap vegetables, or you can also try the betutu chicken, mixed rice, tipat Balinese gravy and many other menus.

Dedari Park
Ig by @tamandedari

The drink menu here is also quite traditional, such as lemongrass tea, ginger tea, mint tea and jasmine tea which are served hot. The price given starts from Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 33,000.

Dedari Park
Ig by @tamandedari

3. There is an Art Gallery

Dedari Park
Ig by @ju.sa.ri

Having an art gallery, Dedari Park specializes in space for displaying art items. There are several paintings that are thick with Balinese themes displayed on the walls of the room, with another corner being a glass wall that leads to an open space full of trees.

There are also several paintings displayed in the outside area which make it seem even more one with nature.

4. Watch Various Events

Through Taman Dedari’s social media accounts, they often share information about what events will be held.

Art performances, workshops, festivals and other events that are often held at Dedari Ubud Park are often an attraction for tourists.

5. Watching Sunset

Dedari Park
Ig by @hdroo

From a small courtyard overlooking the people’s houses and the outdoors, this is where you will see a charming sunset. Without having to go to the beach or up the hill, just at Dedari Park, you will enjoy the sunset.

Location and Opening Hours of Ubud Dedari Park

Address :

Kedewatan, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571.

Opening hours :

Every day, 10.00 – 21.00 WITA.


When you are on vacation in Bali, take the time to stop by this Dedari Park. Dedari Park is a new tourist attraction that is currently being hit in Bali, so don’t miss out on trying a tour at Dedari Park.

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