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Respecting the Universe With the Tumpek Uduh Celebration

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Visa Bali Info – Tumpek Uduh

Hinduism in Bali does have many religious ceremonies. Not only ceremonies are addressed to God, but also to holy teachers, humans, animals and plants.

It is from the ceremony or celebration that makes Bali also has a unique side. This uniqueness is what attracts tourists.

Of the several celebrations or ceremonies above, one of them is the celebration of plants, this celebration of plants is usually known as the Tumpek Uduh or Tumpek Wariga celebrations.

Tumpek Uduh Celebration

As Balinese Hindus, the Tumpek Uduh celebration must be familiar. But for people outside the island of Bali this is something new to know.

Literally Tumpek Wariga means Worship and offering to the manifestation of God as God Sangkara, ruler of Plants.

This celebration is held every 6 months on Saniscara (Saturday) Kliwon, Wuku Wariga, exactly 25 days before Galungan Day. Tumpek Uduh is also called Tumpek Wariga, Tumpek Bubuh or Pengatag.

Meaning of Tumpek Uduh

Tumpek Uduh
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The universe has hidden powers that can be put to good and proper use, such as the assets of trees typical of Indonesia’s tropical soil to the many plants around us.

Plants that are well cared for and maintain their existence and care for them properly will have a positive impact on humans.

Not only for humans, of course this will also have a good impact on social and economic conditions in society, especially the people of Bali.

Good natural conditions can be a beauty that can be witnessed by tourists. In Bali itself, the natural beauty that has become a tourist attraction is Tegallalang and Jatiluwih.

Nature has indirectly given more to humans in material form. The material is processed by humans to become a tourist object that can produce.

For the people of Bali this celebration is important, considering this celebration as a form of gratitude to nature.

So this celebration is carried out and is known as Tumpek Uduh or Tumpek Pengag or Tumpek Wariga.

The benefit that arises is that we are all expected to also remember the importance of the plants around us and must take good care of them, so that nature is not damaged and causes a disaster.

The purpose of Tumpek Uduh

This Tumpek Uduh celebration has a goal both physically and mentally.

Outwardly, plants are life partners as well as a source of food for humans, so they need to be cared for properly so that both of them can live in harmony.

Inwardly, Tumpek Uduh is a moment to invoke life force in plants so that they can always be developed by means of ceremonies and ceremonies.

Moreover, religious practices according to Hinduism in Bali are inseparable from various rituals and ceremonies whose sources are also more numerous from nature.

Tumpek Uduh Signifies Galungan Day Will Arrive

Tumpek Uduh
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The Tumpek Uduh celebration is usually held 25 days before Galungan. This is also a reminder that Galungan is coming.

The Tumpek Uduh celebration is celebrated every six months or once every 210 days, at Saniscara Kliwon Wariga to be precise.

The Tumpek Uduh celebration is used to give some kind of direction or communicate with plants so that they bear a lot of fruit and the results can be offered on Galungan Day.

Tumpek Uduh Ceremony

Tumpek Uduh
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The Tumpek Uduh ceremony is usually carried out in the garden or fields belonging to residents. Do not forget to offer offerings in the form of cymbals and rice flour porridge dedicated to Dewa Sangkara, the manifestation of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi as the god of plants.

The porridge that has been made is then attached to a tree after being incised a little while saying hello.

When saying hello, then followed by tapping on a tree trunk three times. This was intended so that the tree bears a lot of fruit so that it can become a provision for Galungan later.


Every region in Indonesia has different and varied culture and ways of tradition, Tumpek Uduh is one of them in Bali.

Treat nature well so that nature can treat us well too. Hopefully the above article can add to your knowledge and be useful.


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