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The best waterfall in Bali, Tukad Cepung

tukad cepung
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Bali has one of the best waterfalls; don’t just go to the beach in Bali. Bali also has other types of natural attractions, such as waterfalls. One of the waterfalls that is so enchanting is Tukad Cepung Waterfall. Tukad Cepung Waterfall, with a height of 15 meters, has characteristics that make it interesting to visit. This natural tourist attraction is surrounded by cliffs and dense forests. How is the charm of this waterfall? Read our review of this Tukad Cepung waterfall until it’s finished!

Tukad Cepung waterfall

This waterfall is a little different from other waterfalls. Why is that? Because the waterfall is not open but is in a cave. With a height of 15 meters, this waterfall will impress you with its beauty. The water flow widens, not gathering swiftly; it is this water flow that makes it look like a curtain flowing gently downward. The water is white and clear, which can anesthetize you to swim in the pool.

Cool atmosphere 

tukad cepung
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Tukad Cepung Waterfall is not exposed directly to the outside like other waterfalls. Of course, it is a very cool location in the middle of the tropical heat of Bali. This waterfall has a pool that is not deep, so you can freely play in the water in the pool. Tukad Cepung’s water is very clear and refreshing. It flows straight into the pond in front of the waterfall. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom. You can play in this pool. Shallow pools make visitors safer when playing in the pool. Moreover, the flow of the waterfall is also not so heavy. So it’s safe when it’s directly under it.

The best photo spot locations

tukad cepung
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Taking pictures in a pool with a waterfall in the background is a favorite among tourists. Moreover, add the effect of the rocks in the cave and the sunlight that penetrates into the cave on the waterfall area, as if the light of heaven is shining on the world. Large rock covered with moss. On this boulder, sunlight will shine from above. From the top of this rock, you can stand on it. Because the position is quite sloping and safe if stepped on. You can pose while sitting or standing. It remains only to wait for the moment when the light illuminates the area.

Following the obligation of self-purification before entering the waterfall area

Before entering a tourist attraction, you must purify yourself. Here, officers will sprinkle holy water in the mesirat ceremony. The goal is to show self-cleaning before entering a tourist attraction. In this waterfall area, there is also a place for melukat. Melukat itself is a spiritual cleansing ceremony of the mind and soul. This melukat is called Petirtaan Nawa Tirta; its meaning is for self-purification.

An exciting route to the location of the Tukad Cepung waterfall

tukad cepung
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When you visit this waterfall location, you will find exciting things to do to reach it. This waterfall must be reached by trekking first for 20 minutes along the riverbank, sneaking between the cliffs, and finally arriving at the location. Even though it has to be a bit draining, don’t think that the track to the location of this waterfall is not good.

tukad cepung
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You don’t need to worry about the access road; it’s easy to pass and in good condition, and there are stairs to walk along it. Along the way to the location, you will be spoiled by the cool green trees. Many stalls are located at several trail points that you can visit to just rest or fill your empty stomach.


Make sure you come when the weather is sunny when you visit here to get a glimpse of the natural beauty around this waterfall. For those of you who come from far away, if it’s too late to return, don’t worry; there are also many inns around this waterfall.

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