Traditional Balinese Food, Betutu Duck

Visa Bali Info – Betutu Duck or Indonesian ; Bebek Betutu is a very popular Balinese culinary. This dish is much-loved because the texture of the meat is very tender and the spices are pervasive.

Wikipedia, Betutu is a side dish made from whole chicken or duck filled with spices, then roasted in a husk fire. This betutu has been known in all districts in Bali. Betutu is a type of traditional Balinese food whose raw materials are whole carcasses of ducks and chickens.

Betutu Duck
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The Beginning of the History of the Spread of Betutu Duck/Chicken in Bali

The history of Betutu Duck/Chicken begins with the preparation of Ni Wayan Tempeh or Men Tempeh from the Abiansi region, Gianyar city in 1976.

Together with her husband, I Nyoman Suratna, who is from Bangli, Ni Wayan Tempeh founded the Ayam Betutu stall.

Spicy taste, rich in spices and sharp aromatic are the descriptions of the taste of Bebek/Ayam Betutu.

Then because of the legendary success of the Betutu Men Tempeh Duck/Chicken, the recipe he had was given to several of his descendants.

Since then, there have been more and more Betutu Duck/Chicken makers in various places, be it in Bali or several cities in Indonesia.

Apart from Gianyar, Ayam Betutu is also famous from other areas in Bali, for example the typical Gilimanuk which is not inferior in taste.

Balinese Seasoning (Base Genep)

Betutu Duck
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Base genep seasoning is the staple seasoning used by Balinese people. In it there are 15 types of basic ingredients, namely shallots, garlic, ginger, laos, kencur, turmeric, cayenne pepper, candlenut, coriander, bay leaves, lemongrass leaves, limes, brown sugar, shrimp paste, and coconut oil.

Base genep seasoning is spread all over the whole chicken surface. Then the base genep seasoning is also inserted into the inner abdominal cavity.

The process produces a distinctive aroma that arises from heating the fat that blends with the spices. Then wrapped in betel leaves or banana leaves so that it adds a distinctive aroma to this dish.

4 Legendary Warungs in Bali with Betutu Duck / Chicken


1. Duck/Chicken Betutu Men Tempeh

This stall has been open since 1978, like the early history of how duck/chicken betutu began to spread.

The location of Betutu Men Tempeh Chicken is on Jalan Gilimanuk, Melaya, Jembrana and is open every day at 07.00-20.00 WITA.

The hallmark of the betutu chicken dish here is the spicy and thick sauce.

2. Duck/Chicken Betutu Typical Gilimanuk

Duck/Chicken Betutu Typical Gilimanuk has a place to eat in Denpasar, namely at Jalan Buluh Indah Number 51X and Jalan Merdeka Number 88.

Then the most famous Betutu Warung/Chicken Betutu from Gilimanuk on Jalan Raya Tuban Number 2X, Kuta.

The choices of duck/chicken betutu here are duck/chicken betutu in gravy, fried, and grilled. The sambal is also varied, such as matah, embe, and krinyi chili.

3. Duck/Chicken Betutu Pak Man

Duck/Chicken Betutu Pak Man is located at Jalan Kubu Anyar Number 72x, Kuta. This shop is open every day at 08.00-22.00 WITA.

The advantage of this shop is that the spices are perfectly absorbed into the chicken. In addition, the texture of the duck / free-range chicken used is also soft.

If you order duck/chicken betutu, you will get sambal matah and urap.

4. Warung Liku Nasi Bali

One of the branch locations is located at Jalan Tukad Musi Number 19 A, Panjer, Denpasar. The total number of Warung Liku’s central stalls and branches is four. Warung Liku is usually open every day at 08.00-15.00 WITA.

In ancient times, betutu was only served at religious ceremonies but now everyone can taste it. However, once served, it must be eaten immediately because betutu does not last long.

Please note that betutu is not a dish from the chicken or duck menu, but betutu is a technique of this “betutu” dish itself.

This dish usually uses chicken and duck. The end result is a soft texture of meat filled with chili spices and a Balinese base genep.

If you come to Bali, don’t forget to taste this traditional Balinese culinary, guys.

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