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Things That Bali Government Do for Tourism in Pandemic Era

Bali Government Effort For Pandemic

Bali Visa – The sectors that deeply affected by covid-19 pandemic is on tourism industry. We all know that border’s rule applied on everywhere. This is causing people can’t go anywhere especially for having vacation in this time. Bali government cooperated with the central government for making effort on keeping the resident still having job and income in the middle of pandemic era, but it seems that this is not easy things to do.

On February 2020, government giving new term for making ‘free visa’s arrival’ to become unavailable. To be honest, no one knows when this term will be off and end. As we knew from the data that total tourist arrival coming to Indonesia for tourism industry is getting very low numbers. This is causing tourism industry loosing 935 billion dollar US or about 900 million of foreign tourist. Due to this huge numbers of tourist reduction, a lot of places are closed and being empty in Bali island.

In Bali island itself, so many beaches, lakes, and another tourist spot are empty. So many hotel and resort are doing staff reduction because they have no visitors to its place. Finding sea activities is kinda like hard thing to get in Bali at this time. Those are the affects from the Bali government rules by applying Bali’s border rule.

To face this covid-19 pandemic, our president Joko Widodo ensure social protection programs for tourism sector workers. The tourism and the creative economic sectors will be receive economic stimulus from the government to survive in this hard time due to huge numbers of employee reduction.

Bali Government

Safe Trip For Vacation in Bali Island

On June 2020, government having new normal term for its resident. It is mean people still can do vacation but in safe way from covid 19 virus using tight health protocol. One of the example is the tourist even for domestic or foreign tourist need to have negative result of PCR Test. This is because we need to make sure that people who entering tourist spot or hotel and resort are safe from the covid-19 virus.

Government’s Help and Economic Stimulus

Besides the border’s rule on trip and avoiding the crowd, government is also try to protect tourism sectors by giving economic stimulus and tax incentives. The tourism sectors that receiving these helps are accommodation provider, tourism travel agency services, tourism spot, travel agency services, tour guide services, meeting organizing services, incentive travel, conferences and exhibitions, photography services, television broadcasting and programming, radio broadcasting, publishing, film, culinary and advertising. Government’s hope that they can be survive in this hard time and rise in the middle of covid-19 pandemic.

Another help from the government is not only economic stimulus but also ready-to-eat ingredients. This is also given to economic creative sectors who loosing their job in pandemic time.

Health Protocol

In another sides, Bali government is also applying health protocol for tourism sectors such hotel protocol, restaurant protocol and also nature tourism protocol. By having this health protocol, tourist still can do vacation with safe travel.

CHSE Certification

CHSE or cleanliness, health, safety and environmental sustainability applied for tourism sectors and economic creative. This certification have given to tourism business, tourism destination, and another tourism product to make guarantee to the visitors keeping the four points as mentioned.

Implementation of Safe Tourism

The example of this rule can be seen from the ticket’s line when you will entering tourist spot. There is distance between people who wants to buy the tickets about one meter. The staff will also check your body temperature before entering the tourist spot. You can also see that a lot of sinks are available for visitors to clean their hands.

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