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Water blow at Nusa Dua Bali !

water blow

Bali Visa Info – The big waves that soar into the air, is the literal meaning of Nusa Dua waterblow in Bali today. Water Blow is now a unique and interesting location on the Island of the Gods. The uniqueness offered by Water Blow also makes this place crowded with local and foreign tourists.

Of course, this water blow phenomenon can only be witnessed when the waves are at their greatest.

Waiting for the waves

water blow

Who would have thought that in the past, Waterblow was not a tourist spot, only a cliff that was considered dangerous by the public.

Because the coral is steep and high, so it is considered dangerous if visited. But apparently, the local people see the potential for beauty that exists on this beach, namely the bursts of waves. The waves here are so strong, because they are directly opposite the Indian Ocean.

The bursts of waves hitting the rock are very enchanting. The waves start to leave and cause a beautiful crash. The crash of the waves is what attracts tourists who want to take pictures here. However, the waves don’t always hit high, so visitors have to wait for the right time.

Coral Beach without Beach Sand

In addition to different wave conditions, in the water blow area you will not find beach sand. Along the shoreline, you will only see rocky cliffs that protect this area from the waves.

This is why visitors are prohibited from swimming on the beach. Water activities or water games are not available here. So, the main vehicle here is to enjoy the beautiful view of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Can Still Play Water

Although swimming is prohibited on the beach, visitors can still play in the water. Visitors can play water on the edge of the cliff.

Between the rocks, the waves will burst. Visitors who are here will feel the sensation of splashing waves. This jet of water will not be found on other beaches.

This play location is inside the fence so it is still safe for tourists to visit.

Photos with amazing natural scenery

The bursts of waves hitting the reef are indeed beautiful to capture the moment.

If you want to get the best moment, come at sunrise. Later, you will see bursts of waves expanding into the air against the background of the blue sea of ​​the Indian Ocean and a burst of sunrise.

When the sun rises, you will see the beautiful scenery that only lasts a moment. Bursts of waves will expand in the air, with the background of the blue Indian Ocean. Plus, the yellowish orange color of the sunrise enriches the beauty of the morning view.

Conversely, during the day you can also produce photos that are no less interesting. The position of the beach facing east makes the location of the sun not opposite the camera when you want to capture objects.

When the sun is shining, visitors will get a beautiful view if you catch it with a camera. This is because the coast facing east does not make it back to the sun.

Facilities Around Waterblow Nusa Dua

Even though it has just been opened as a public tourist spot, the facilities provided at Water Blow Nusa Dua are quite complete. One of them, you can easily find restaurants by the beach that offer seafood dishes at varied prices. There is also a soft drink vending machine that provides a variety of fresh drinks for you to enjoy.

In the Waterblow area there are also various lodgings with varying prices.

Location and Ticket Prices for Water Blow Nusa Dua

Water Blow Nusa Dua is located at the back of the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua hotel area. Visitors can also go there by crossing the BTDC Nusa Dua area. Later, visitors will find the presence of a white stone gate that reads Water Blow.

You can come to this place with free admission. No need to spend a penny to be able to take pictures in front of the big waves at Water Blow Nusa Dua.

Well, take advantage of your vacation while in Bali. Free and interesting is not it? Don’t forget to equip the camera with a protector, lest the moment of splashing water can damage your camera or cellphone.

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