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The warmth of Vesak Celebration in Bali

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Bali Visa Info – Vesak or Vaisaka (Pali; Sanskrit: Vaiśākha ) are Buddhist holy days.

Vesak Day is also known as Visakah Puja or Buddha Purnima in India, Saga Dawa in Tibet, Vesak in Malaysia and Singapore, Visakha Bucha in Thailand, and Vesak in Sri Lanka.

Vesak Day is also considered a celebration of Buddha’s birthday and for some, Vesak is a sign of enlightenment of a Buddha, when he finds the meaning of life.

Vesak 2022 will be celebrated on Monday, May 16. Buddhists around the world will celebrate Vesak Day.

The Beginning of the Vesak Story

Buddha is believed to have been a prince born into a wealthy family in what is now Nepal. He was born in the fifth century BC.

In addition, Buddhists believe that Siddhartha Gautama realized that wealth and luxury do not guarantee happiness.

Therefore, he traveled as a homeless saint. This Buddha did to learn more about the world to see the suffering in the world.

After six years of study and meditation during his journey, Buddha became spiritually aware and achieved his goal of finding meaning in life.

This is known as enlightenment and this is what makes Siddhartha Gautama called Buddha. For the rest of his life, he taught his followers about the experience.

Vesak Celebration in Bali

Pindapatta Tradition 

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The Pindapatta tradition is to offer food to monks along Jalan Gunung Agung, Denpasar.

Almsgiving is carried out by Bhikkhus / Bhikkhuni by walking with their heads bowed while carrying a patta to receive or obtain food from the people to support their lives.

Buddhists provide ready-to-eat food, they also donate dry food, drink, medicine for the needs of the monks.

This tradition was followed by four monks namely Bhikkhu Citagutto Mahathera, Bhikkhu Jayadhammo Thera, Bhikkhu Indadharo, Bhikkhu Gunajayo, and a novice.

This charity event usually starts from 06.00 WITA until 08.30 WITA along the road, Buddhists continue to line the road to the Vihara.

Representing Cultural Acculturation in Gianyar

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The peak of the celebration of the moments of Vesak is marked by meditation and praying for the Vesak Santuti Cita. On that occasion, people collect donations (funds paramitha).

Prior to the implementation of Puja Bhakti, according to local Buddhist traditions, they also carry out prayers by offering Balinese Hindu special offerings, which consist of fruits and canang (a place for offerings from coconut leaves).

The offerings are placed in front of the Buddha, then the people offer prayers in front of the God of the Earth. After that, Buddhists also sprinkled holy water as a symbol of salvation.

The day before, preparations such as cleaning the Buddha statue and the entire temple complex were still being carried out. Local Buddhists also carry out a series of activities and prayers.

One of them is ngayah and prayers at the Buddhist Stupa of the IX century heritage at Pagulingan Temple, Tampaksiring.

At Pegulingan Temple, Tampaksiring there are Buddhist relics in the form of a giant Buddhist stupa and other ancient relics that reflect the Hindu-Buddhist duality since the IX century.

Release of Thousands of Fish in Benoa

Marked by the ritual of the “Fang Shen” ceremony or the liberation of life, a series of Tri-Holy Vesak Days performed by Buddhists in Denpasar, Bali. By releasing thousands of fish in the bay of Benoa.

The “Fang Shen” ceremony means the liberation of life for living beings as a form of compassion according to Buddhist teachings.

“Fang Shen” is also a message to the people to always instill a sense of compassion and dharma to fellow creatures of God and the environment in order to achieve happiness in life.

Before releasing the thousands of fish, the Buddhists performed a puja mantra which was followed by the participants as a form of offering to God to deliver the live animals to be released back to their habitat.

When is Vesak Day Celebrated ?

The Vesak date is not fixed every year. This is because the calculation is based on the full moon on the ancient Vesakha (Vesak) lunar calendar.

This month usually falls in May or early June. As a result, Vesak celebrations fall not far from the month of May-June.

Vesak Day is always celebrated once a year. For 2022, Vesak falls on Monday, May 16.


In essence, all activities during the Vesak celebration are a symbol of cleansing the dirty qualities within so that they can live a better and more meaningful life.


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