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The Unique Taste of Kintamani Coffee

Kintamani Coffee
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Visa Bali Info – The Unique Taste of Kintamani Coffee

For you coffee connoisseurs, it seems you have to listen to this one review, just to add to your insight about coffee from various regions in Indonesia.

Especially if you are currently in Bali or are planning to visit Bali. As is well known that Bali is also one of the best coffee producers in Indonesia.

It has a unique taste and Arabica or Robusta coffee types thrive on this land of the Gods.

For this discussion, we will try to discuss typical Kintamani coffee which is famous for its unique taste.


Located in Bangli Regency, Kintamani is located in a highland area with an altitude of around 1,500 meters above sea level (mapl).

Land use in the Kintamani area is widely used for plantations, forests and fields. Like this plantation produces oranges and coffee.

Unlike in other areas of Bali such as Buleleng, Buleleng also produces coffee, namely Robusta coffee. In the Kintamani region itself, Arabica coffee is produced.

The quality of this type of arabica coffee in Kintamani is very good so it is not wrong if Kintamani coffee is the superior coffee product in Bali.

Popular tourist objects that you can also find here, namely Mount Batur and Lake Batur. There are also many business actors who provide spots where you can enjoy coffee while witnessing the beauty of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

The Unique Taste of Kintamani Arabica Coffee

Kintamani Coffee
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This coffee originating from Kintamani belongs to the Arabica coffee type (Arabica Coffee). Coffee that has a taste and aroma that tends to be fresh, citrusy plus a hint of chocolaty, caramel or brown sugar.

Arabica coffee beans do have a tendency to taste sweet, fruity, floral, chocolaty, and have a low acidity level.

Naturally, if Kintamani coffee has a taste and aroma of oranges in it. This is also very influential because of the habit of local farmers planting citrus trees on land near coffee plantations.

For the size of coffee beans, it is classified as medium and produces a very strong and sweet aroma. The size of the green bean itself is arguably larger than the Arabica type in general.

This Kintamani coffee does not leave an aftertaste in the mouth and does not have a spice taste like other types of coffee products in Indonesia when you taste it. So, it is perfect for those of you who don’t like the bitter taste.

Unique Planting Process

Kintamani Coffee
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Having the Tri Hita Karana philosophy, the planting process is without any chemical processes at all. By keeping the philosophy to maintain the balance of nature.

The Kintamani Coffee Plantation maintains the balance of nature by using the subak irrigation system, organic fertilizers and no pesticides.

In addition, the tree planting is in tandem with citrus or vegetable trees. So do not be surprised if the unique taste that is obtained in this Kintamani coffee comes from a unique planting process as well.

Serving Bali Kintamani Coffee

Kintamani Coffee
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There are two serving methods to be able to enjoy Bali Kintamani coffee, namely: Tubruk Coffee and the V60 brewing method.

Tubruk coffee can be said to be a typical coffee brewing technique from Indonesia. A fairly easy way is to mix coffee with enough sugar, then brew it with hot water.

The V60 brewing method is a technique of pouring hot water over coffee grounds slowly and in a circular motion. This brew will bring out all the flavor characters from the coffee perfectly.


Kintamani coffee is also known as eco-friendly coffee because the planting process is so considerate of the environment.

In 2008, Kintamani Coffee also has a Geographical Indication certificate, which means that this type of coffee has been recognized internationally.

In addition, Bali coffee has now become one of Indonesia’s main export commodities. Coffee from Bali has been exported to various countries such as Europe, Japan and Australia.

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