The Newest Beautiful Beach In Bali That You Must Visit !

Visa Bali Info – Newest Beautiful Beach In Bali

Indonesia is known as a country of a thousand islands, the islands that Indonesia has certainly offer many of the best assets.

This is not only about material things, the islands in Indonesia also contain many interesting tourist spots for you.

Such as offering luxury resorts, cool rooftop culinary spots overlooking the sea. When it comes to resorts and the sea, of course, many people go to one of the islands, namely the island of Bali.

Bali is still the best place for holidays and is still a favorite place that offers a lot of beauty.

In every corner of the island of Bali, there are indeed many hidden tourist spots that you can enjoy, such as beaches while relaxing in the sun, swimming by the sea, playing in the sand.

So, we will recommend new beaches in Bali which are no less interesting than the existing beaches.

Mount Payung Beach

Beautiful Beach
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It’s more or less an hour’s drive away if you’re from the direction of Denpasar city, it’s quite easy to access even though it’s still unfamiliar to hear.

This beach in Nusa Dua is very easy to find, you just follow the signposts to get to Gunung Payung Beach.

This calm and clean beach is suitable for those of you who prefer serenity such as yoga, you can also snorkel to see underwater beauty, or you can also surf because the waves at Gunung Payung Beach are quite challenging.

What is unique and interesting is that you can witness Balinese cultural traditions and the lives of local people around the beautiful beach, such as watching farmers collecting seaweed and sea urchins which they usually do every day.

Bias Tugel Beach

Beautiful Beach

This white sand beautiful beach has a place that is not so wide flanked by large rocks on the right and left.

Because of this location, this beach is called Bias Tugel Beach. If you want to go to this beach, the location is not far from Padang Bai.

The journey that you will take is in the form of a fairly challenging and steep terrain for approximately 500 meters. This beach is suitable for those of you who have an adventurous spirit.

At Bias Tugel Beach you can do activities such as diving and snorkeling and also swimming to explore coral which is a beautiful wall. The conditions for the beach waters are perfect and also safe for children.

Even though it is relatively new, you will still feel comfortable here because there are already many food stalls serving various foods and drinks.

Nyang-Nyang Beach

Beautiful Beach
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This beach is still hidden, if you come here you will feel that privacy is really awake.

For those of you who want to visit Nyang-Nyang Beach, you will first explore the rice fields where you will find some drinks which are the only stalls in this beach area.

You need a little extra energy to get to this exotic beach, at least you will go down 500 steps that go straight to Nyang Nyang Beach.

But everything will pay off when you arrive at this Nyang-Nyang Beach location. Beautiful beaches with expanses of greenery and decorated with bright yellow flowers will welcome you.

Jimbaran Panorama Point

Beautiful Beach
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Located about 250 meters from Tegal Wangi beach, this beach is suitable for those of you who like challenging activities and gathering while having barbecues.

From a high cliff about 4 meters jutting above sea level, you can also jump from the top of the cliff and swim back to the mainland, this of course requires great courage.

Suluban Beach

Beautiful Beach
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With a beautiful beach structure that contains lots of exotic rocks, cliffs and caves, it gives a very mysterious impression.

There is the Suluban Cave that you can visit besides you can surf. If you look at this beach at a glance, it looks like the setting for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, isn’t it unique?

It’s in Uluwatu and if you explore this cave it will lead to a beach near Uluwatu which is also one of the amazing temples that you must visit.


Have you ever heard of the beaches above before? If not, this will be a new adventure place for you on vacation, isn’t it exciting…

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