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Barong Landung ; The Love Story of a Chinese Princess and the King of Bali

barong landung
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Visa Bali Info – Barong Landung

It is said that many immigrants came from the north in the 12th century. One of them was a family of Chinese merchants surnamed Kang.

They came to Bali to trade. The family has a daughter named Princess Kang Cing Wie.

Bali at that time was ruled by King Sri Jaya Pangus Harkajalancana. Jaya Pangus is said to be a descendant of the famous ruler Airlangga and entered the Warmadewa dynasty. Under the leadership of Jaya Pangus, Hinduism flourished in Bali.

Who would have thought that all stories began with a story of trade relations, this story became the folklore of Barong Landung.

Barong Landung’s Little Romance

Starting from the time of the ancient Balinese kingdom, Balingkang with King Sri Jayapangus. During his reign, the king collaborated with many Chinese merchants.

The people’s economy is very good, they live very prosperously and peacefully. Starting from military resilience to trade.

From this trade relationship with China, Raja Jaya Pangus met a Chinese woman named Kang Ching Wie who was the daughter of a wealthy merchant.

Kang Ching Wie’s beauty made Raja Jaya Pangus decide to ask for her hand. The wedding of Jaya Pangus and Kang Ching Wie was even celebrated with joy by the people of Balingkang.

However, a sage adviser to the king thought this marriage should not be carried out because it would cause havoc, but the king still ignored it.

The Beginning of the Barong Landung Tragedy Story

barong landung
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For years as husband and wife, Raja Jaya Pangus and Kang Ching Wie never had any children. This makes people sad and does not make fun activities.

Kang Ching Wie and Raja Jaya Pangus were very sad about this condition. Raja Jaya Pangus decided to seek enlightenment.

Until stranded in an area at the foot of Mount Batur, Raja Jaya Pangus decided to meditate there.

Seduced by the Seduction of the Goddess Danu, Ruler of the Foot of Mount Batur

The presence of Raja Jaya Pangus at the foot of Mount Batur attracted Dewi Danu who became the ruler of the region. Dewi Danu tried to seduce Raja Jaya Pangus from his meditation.

Raja Jaya Pangus was amazed to see the beauty of Dewi Danu, he admitted that he was still single and married Dewi Danu.

So many years passed, Kang Ching Wie lamented sadly because her husband didn’t come home. Then the Chinese merchant’s daughter decided to go on an adventure to find her husband. He finally meets a teenager who turns out to be the son of Raja Jaya Pangus and Dewi Danu.

Knowing her husband had remarried, Kang Ching Wie was heartbroken. He then attacked Dewi Danu to seize her husband by deploying Balingkang troops.

Getting this attack, Dewi Danu was furious. She’s mobilized an army of giants and ravaged Kang Ching Wie’s troops.

Feeling his first wife is in danger, Raja Jaya Pangus tries to protect Kang Ching Wie. He realized that his love for Kang Ching Wie would never fade. This made Dewi Danu angry and cursed both of them into statues.

For the People of Balingkang

The transformation of Raja Jaya Pangus and Kang Ching Wie into statues made the entire Balingkang community sad. This is what made Dewi Danu realize her mistake.

He then handed over his son and Jaya Pangus to the people of Balingkang. Later, the son of Jaya Pangus with Dewi Danu who became the successor to the kingdom of Balingkang.

Become a Symbol of True Love and Tranquility

barong landung
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To commemorate the figures of Raja Jaya Pangus and Kang Ching Wie, the community made Barong Landung. Raja Jaya Pangus is manifested as a person with a large body, dark skin and big teeth. While Kang Ching Wie is visualized as a tall woman, white skin, and slanted eyes.

That’s the folklore that developed in Balinese society about Barong Landung. Almost every village in Bali has Barong Landung and believes it to be a sacred heritage.

Until now, Balinese people regard Barong Landung as a symbol of true love that maintains peace in the village and is a repellent to reinforcements.

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