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The Habits And Traits Of Balinese People That Impress Tourists


Visa Bali Info – The Habits And Traits Of Balinese

Apart from being famous for its natural beauty and the complete range of tourist attractions in Bali, it turns out that the sense of comfort given by the native Balinese will impress you.

These traits and habits will make you always feel welcome and always longing to come to Bali.

Then what kind of habits do the natives of Bali have? Check out our review below.

Always smile

The Habits And Traits Of Balinese
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The most common thing in Indonesia is that people always smile, and Bali is no exception. They will not hesitate to smile at every tourist who comes to Bali.

Upholding Customs and Culture

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Even though it continues to be visited by many tourists and immigrants from all sectors such as social and cultural, the Balinese do not just drift away and forget their customs and culture.

They still uphold the customs and culture that they had from the time of their former ancestors.

The wedding culture which is usually called pawiwahan, the culture of death with a cremation ceremony, or the culture of cutting teeth which is usually called mapandes. They still perform these ceremonies.

These customs and cultures are unique and make foreign tourists feel at home because they will not find them in their home areas.

Easy Familiar

It is this social situation in the Balinese community as a tourism sector that might make the people familiar with it easily.

They are happy to mingle even with tourists, even though their English is not very fluent they will still get along easily.

Ready to Become a Guide

Working in the tourism sector, of course the Balinese are very close to tourism matters, one of which is always ready to be a guide when needed.

This is an advantage for foreign tourists who are on vacation in Bali, they will have no trouble finding tourist destinations.

Balinese people can speak English

Considering that Bali has always been a tourist destination, the majority of its citizens can speak English. Even though they may not be very eloquent, you can tell foreign tourists connect when talking to the locals.

With the concept of learning by doing, they are quickly able to adapt to the language of tourists. This is what makes tourists feel at home, because of the ease in communicating in any situation.

Maintaining Nature Conservation

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Having and believing in the concept of Karma Phala which means what we sow is what we will reap. The Balinese people consider nature not only an ancestral heritage that must be maintained but also a sacred place that must always be preserved.

It’s no wonder that sometimes there are still many rituals held for nature, and don’t be surprised that the natural beauty of Bali is still very well preserved.

Has High Artistic Value


Starting from dance, painting, sculpture and others. Bali is indeed very concerned about art.

Like the Gamelan musical instrument, Gamelan is one of the traditional Balinese musical instruments which is very popular with the melodious strains of its voice.

In fact, Balinese people often use gamelan to accompany cultural, social and religious activities. This is also one of the uniqueness and attractions for foreign tourists.

Many Unique Rituals

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If you are in Bali and see the daily life of the people, you will be impressed by their habits, which have many rituals.

Like the mesaiban ritual or ngejot. This is a small ritual that is carried out in the morning by serving cooked food in a small temple as a form of gratitude for the gift of the Almighty.


The habits and characteristics above can be the hallmark of the Balinese people. The pattern of life for the Balinese people is very rigid and bound to both religious and social norms.

This makes the Balinese people still highly uphold hospitality

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